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The 9 Best Alcohol Delivery Services of 2020

The 9 Best Alcohol Delivery Services of 2020

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Get your favorite drinks at your doorstep

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Restaurants and bars have closed in many areas as residents settle in during the COVID-19 pandemic to spend time at home. Alcohol delivery services are one way to keep your collection well-stocked while practicing social distancing. So, schedule your alcohol order, then get together with friends via Zoom or FaceTime for a virtual happy hour.

Utilize a delivery service to support your local retailers and allows you to imbibe your favorite drinks in less than an hour. Or, order your favorite alcohol online and wait a few days for home delivery. Whichever you choose, you’ll be sipping a cocktail on the couch in no time.

The 9 Best Alcohol Delivery Services of 2020

  • Drizly: Best Overall
  • DoorDash: Best Takeout Dinner And Drinks
  • Instacart: Best For Grocery and Alcohol
  • Minibar: Best Local
  • Swill: Best For Mixers
  • Craftshack: Best for Craft Beer
  • Winc: Best for Wine Lovers
  • Haus: Best for Apertifs
  • Cocktail Courier: Best for Craft Cocktails

Best Overall: Drizly

When you want a variety and you want it quickly, Drizly serves up a large, alcohol marketplace to shop for beer, wine, and spirits. Drizly collaborates with retail stores in cities across North America to offer a huge selection and competitive pricing, delivered to your door in as little as an hour.

To get started, enter your address to shop for beer, wine, and alcohol available at your location. The company guarantees no mark-up prices. After placing your order, the store will prep your items, and you’ll be notified when it’s on the way. Payment methods include credit and debit cards; no cash is accepted for orders, but you can tip in cash if desired.

The service's mission is to make sure coolers, cups, and fridges are never empty again. To keep their customers from running out, Drizly partners with local stores to offer the largest selection with the best prices. You can schedule your order for later or have it delivered immediately.

Best Takeout Dinner And Drinks: DoorDash

While you may know DoorDash for its restaurant deliveries, they also offer same-day alcohol delivery from local liquor stores, restaurants, and breweries. If you’re missing eating dinner at your favorite restaurant while enjoying a cold beer, DoorDash can deliver it to your home, with no delivery fees for your first order.

To order, visit the website, or use the DoorDash app. You’ll pay the price of your food and alcohol, taxes, a delivery fee, an optional tip, and a service fee.

Fees vary, depending on which restaurant you choose. Any costs will show up on the checkout screen so you'll know the total before paying. Your receipt will also show a breakdown of your order, taxes, fees, and gratuity.

There may be additional fees for orders when demand is especially high. During the current situation, wait times are expected to be longer than usual.

Best For Grocery and Alcohol: Instacart

You might already be using Instacart for grocery deliveries these days. They’ve expanded their delivery service, which now includes alcohol, too.

Once you place your order and schedule a time, a personal shopper will pick up your items. The online grocery delivery company works with local stores to get quick deliveries to your home. The service is available in more than 14 states.

To place your first order, visit the website, or open the mobile app and select your city and store of choice. Then, search for food and liquor to add to your cart. You’ll add them to your list, and place the order.

The items get sent to a personal shopper who will text you if they aren’t available with pictures of suggested replacements. Everything the store normally sells is available for purchase.

With Instacart, you can order food items for a dinner at home and get a bottle of wine to enjoy with it.

Best Local: Minibar

Minibar partners with local liquor stores to get wine, beer, and spirits delivered to your door. Add gifts like coffee to your order, and make someone else happy at home. Or, order accessories to fill up your home bar with glassware.

Ordering is simple. Enter your address, and then choose whether you’d like to order beer, wine, or spirits. Under each category, you’ll see a list of which products are available and what vineyard, brewery, or distiller makes the products.

Add your items to the cart. You can order on-demand items from local liquor stores that will be delivered in as little as 30 to 60 minutes, or choose wines directly from vineyards that will be shipped and delivered within two to three business days.

While you wait, check out their blog to learn about pairings, recipe ideas, and even an article about natural wines.

Best For Mixers: Swill

Swill connects you via their app, with local, on-demand delivery. Browse by beer, wine, spirits, and accompaniments that you can have sent to your home or office.

The app offers a variety of mixers, like tonic and soda, plus, specialty items, like coconut water, aloe, and energy drinks to help you create cocktails at home.

Swill is fun and engaging and allows you to order your favorites, or discover new brands of wine, beer, and spirits. You can see what others think in the reviews section, peruse tasting notes, and receive recommendations to help with your selection.

They offer free, fast delivery, usually in 60 minutes or less. Swill’s expansive network of stores provides a large selection, optimal prices, and quick delivery.

Best for Craft Beer: Craftshack

While Craftshack offers wine and spirits, craft beer is their specialty. The brand aims to please and considers all customers as family. So, if there’s a problem, they fix it. Their goal is to build relationships and service is a top priority.

Started in 2012 by a group of beer enthusiasts, the company has continuously grown, offering new brand and liquor store partners to provide the greatest selection for their customers.

Looking for the newest craft beer or fine spirits? Visit Crafshack’s new additions page. Or, order a selection of beer, liquor, seltzer, and cider. Purchase online, and it’ll be delivered to your door.

Craftshack offers flat rate shipping, depending on the size of your order. Most orders will be fulfilled within one to three business days, with one to two days allotted for shipping.

Best for Wine Lovers: Winc

With Winc, you’ll get an ongoing supply of wine sent each month. Founded in 2012, the owners shared a vision that wine should be more accessible, so they built a personalized wine club.

To get started, you’ll need to take a flavor profile quiz. Answer six questions that will help Winc understand your personal tastes. You’ll receive wines to match your individual palate. After sampling, leave reviews to get even better recommendations.

And, they guarantee that you’ll never pay for a bottle you don’t like. Start with a monthly subscription, but cancel or skip a month at any time. Orders of 12 or more bottles are 10% off.

Peruse the blog to learn about wine and chocolate pairings, or head to the recipes section, where chefs share recipes like Beef and Potato Handpies or Garganelli with Lobster and Caramelized Fennel Purée to enjoy with your wine.

Best for Apertifs: Haus

If you're looking for full flavor, but half the alcohol, Haus caters to the aperitif crowd. The aperitifs' lighter alcohol content makes it an ideal drink for sipping throughout the evening, either on the rocks or with a mixer.

Every bottle of Haus aperitifs is made using real ingredients with no “sketchy” additives. Ingredients include Chardonnay grapes that are unoaked for a clean, fruity palate, Elderflower berries for a mix of sweet and tart flavor, and Star Anise for its licorice flavor, plus lemon, clove, and pure cane sugar.

A monthly membership delivers exclusive flavors, product discounts, and free shipping on orders over approximately $50. Choose from one, two, or six bottles delivered per month, including Ginger Yuzu, Citrus Flower, and Bitter Clove.

Best for Craft Cocktails: Cocktail Courier

Learn creative ways to mix your favorite spirit with Cocktail Courier. They’ll prep and pack all the ingredients needed to make the world’s finest cocktails.

In addition to sending you every ingredient needed—including the garnish—you’ll receive a card with step-by-step instructions and images to teach you exactly how to make the cocktail. The nation’s top bartenders from compete each month to share their award-winning cocktails on Cocktail Courier.

Whether you prefer vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, or rum, there’s a recipe for every taste. The cocktail lists change monthly, so you can expand your bar collection as well as your cocktail-making repertoire.

Choose from an a la carte selection, or subscribe for a monthly delivery of all the ingredients needed to make from four to 12 delicious cocktails.

Expand your cocktail collection to include recipes like the Maple Old Fashioned. You’ll receive a bottle of WhistlePig, a 100-proof rye whiskey, paired with their barrel-aged, grade-A, maple syrup and maple bitters.

In no time, you’ll feel like a bartender yourself. Stay in and enjoy classic creations—made by your favorite bartender (you).

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