Apple cake

Preparation Apple cake:

We start by preparing the oven. Heat it over medium heat. Then we clean the apples, wash them, cut them in half and clean them of the seeds.

In a saucepan, caramelize the sugar (melt it over low heat). Then spread it by turning the pan on its walls. Then put the margarine pieces. Then place the apples with the hollowed side up (at Postavaru they are with the hollowed side down. ). Put the tray in the oven for 10 minutes and start preparing the top.

Separate the egg whites from the yolk. Mix the yolks well with the sugar and vanilla sugar. Then add the flour mixed with the baking powder. Beat the egg whites and then add the yolks.

Remove the tray from the oven, pour the dough over apples and bake for about 40 minutes on medium heat.

Enjoy your meal!

This one Apple cake it's great, I warmly recommend.