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6 Best Cocktail Delivery Kits to Order

6 Best Cocktail Delivery Kits to Order

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Boozing it up at home? These top cocktail kits come to you.

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These days, it’s easier than ever to drink a quality craft cocktail in the comfort of your own home, thanks to a number of cocktail kit delivery services, which you can order online to be delivered directly to you.

Most of our top picks below come with bottles of booze and other ingredients you’ll need for preparing a few drinks (you’ll generally still need to have some essential tools on hand), while some can be ordered spirit-free if you have a huge home stash or prefer to buy your spirit separately. Many of the recipes are created by top-name bartenders from across the country, and one service even has hired out-of-work bar staff to deliver in local markets. To that, we say, Cheers!

American Cocktail Club

Subscribers can sign up for any time from one month to a full year and choose between the “Everything Box” (exactly what it sounds like) or all the mixers minus the spirits. Each box contains mixers—often a carbonated element and a juice blend—plus garnishes or bar tools and recipes. Each Everything Box includes four 50-mL spirit bottles—just right for making four drinks. From $28 per month (billed annually)

Cocktail Courier

This Chicago service makes creating cocktails super easy, so even if you’re a beginner, you can still shake up a winner. Subscription boxes can be ordered with or without spirits and are filled with high-quality ingredients sufficient for making six to 12 cocktails: house-made syrups, bottled tonics and fresh produce and herbs, with easy-to-follow instructions from top bartenders across the country. Don’t want to commit to a multimonth subscription? You can order individual cocktail kits from a sizable list, organized by spirit. From $30 per month alcohol-free; $50 per month with alcohol

Crafted Taste

While the price tag may seem a little steep, each monthly kit contains enough ingredients to make 12 to 16 cocktails—not a bad deal, compared with what you’d pay for a typical cocktail at a bar. Each box comprises unique locally sourced ingredients and step-by-step instructions for three distinct cocktails. A recent kit featured Jameson Irish whiskey and a recipe for The Dead Rabbit’s McGlashan cocktail with St. Dalfour ginger and orange marmalade and Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s The Dead Rabbit Orinoco bitters. Not up for subscribing? You can purchase individual cocktail kits, too. From $100 per month for mixers only; $150 including 750 mL alcohol bottles; $200 for premium upgrade.


This monthly subscription box comes with the ingredients to make two servings each of two original cocktails, such as a mezcal-based Oaxacan Paloma or an Alpine 75 with hibiscus-infused organic gin, with recipes created by the SaloonBox team or by hand-selected bartenders. You get notified ahead of each shipment of what each box will include and can skip a shipment if it’s not to your preferences. Subscribers in any of the dozen states where SaloonBox can’t ship alcohol can still get its “Everything But the Booze” kits. Three-, six- and 12-month prepay options are also available. $59 per month (shipping included)

Shaker & Spoon

This is a perfect service for someone who either has a good stash of booze or likes to pick their own bottles at the store. Why? Each box features three recipes created by bartenders around the country and the booze-free ingredients needed to make four servings of each but no bottles of alcohol. Ahead of getting the box each month, S&S emails you with bottle recommendations and outlines what bar tools you’ll need. $40–$50 per month

Sourced Craft Cocktails

What started five years ago as a craft cocktail experience company for larger-scale events quickly pivoted to employing bar industry folks laid off due to the virus pandemic in creating made-to-order nonalcoholic batched cocktail mixers and then delivering them to your door, along with a full-size bottle of alcohol from a licensed local retailer. It’s not a subscription service per se; kits are ordered individually, and current options include a Spicy Margarita, Brown Derby, and Black Cherry Old Fashioned. Each kit makes 12 drinks; the package also includes bar tools, instructions, cups and a tote bag. The service is currently active in Austin, Dallas, New York and San Francisco; it’s launching in Los Angeles March 27 and then in Denver and Houston in the coming weeks. The best part? The bartenders get paid $15 an hour, and 5% of each sale benefits the USBG Bartender Relief Fund. From $72 per kit

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