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Kid-Friendly Food: Attack of the Corn-A-Saurus

Kid-Friendly Food: Attack of the Corn-A-Saurus

Check out how these mommy bloggers are getting their kids psyched for dinner vegetables

You’ll love this easy project that will make dinner time even more fun.

When it comes to convincing kids to eat their vegetables, moms face a daily uphill battle. The food is "too green" or “too slimy” for their little picky eater. But just because it isn’t a cake frosted in pink icing, doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fun food to eat.

Mommy bloggers at Paging Fun Mumsknow a thing or two about making food (and other seemingly mundane activities) fun for kids. On their blog, these parents and crafters combine their passions for fun projects that make raising kids even more enjoyable.

The Corna-Saurus is just one project that makes handling vegetables at dinner time a little better. For this project all you’ll need is a soft dinosaur toy, corn cob holders, and hot glue. Suddenly you’ll have a kid-friendly way for little ones to truly enjoy their dinner time vegetable. Make sure you head on over to the blog for full instructions on how to make your own mealtime toy and other fun ideas to do with and for the kids.

What to feed a 1 year old

We are fast coming up on my little guys 1st birthday (in a few weeks). I am super excited about this big milestone but also a little apprehensive. His nutrition is important to us but I am feeling a little anxious as we prepare to ween from the bottle.

Breastfeeding was an option for us so the little guy has been bottle fed since birth and according to medical advice here in Canada we should plan to ween from the bottle by 1 year old.

We have been practicing with solids since he was 6 months old (also the suggested starting point in Canada) and he is a very good eater. We started with simple single food purees and now he is eating various purees, chunky mashed foods like carrots/avocado/banana, and some finger foods (cheerios/rice crackers/bits of carrot/bits of noodles).

The challenge I am having is that most people I talk to simply say to decrease the bottles and simply feed him what we are eating. I'm not too worried about decreasing the bottles as he is good with his soppy cup and can have whole milk, but he isn't ready for the same foods as us, at least I don't think he is. To add to my stress I am going back to work in a few weeks and he will be going to daycare, where I will have to pack him a lunch.

My question is, how did all you chowhounds transition your little one to eating a diet more similar to your own. I thought of continuing to make purees and just putting some of our food all minced up into the puree to make it easier for him to handle.

Also, what healthy lunches did you all pack for your little one for their daycare meals.

14 Sandwiches That'll Win Your Kid's Lunch

There's nothing boring on this list. Plus, get more great lunch ideas for kids.

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Boring lunch? Put it on a stick!

Your kids will be obsessed with this mashup of their two favorites.

The best nuggets have ever looked.

The two childhood favorites are better together.

Slopppy joe night just got so much better.

They've never seen mac & cheese like this before.

Trust me: They'll take tots over bread any day.

Because the best part of tomato soup is dunking a buttery grilled cheese into the bowl.

Make the same sandwich on white & wheat bread, use a cookie cutter to cut out the centers, then swap them. Their minds will be totally blown.

Cooking with Kindergartners: 15 Kid-Friendly, Real Food Recipes

Cooking can be a fabulous way to spend time with your kids, practice some life skills, and learn all at the same time. Cooking with kindergartners can be especially fun if you make it enjoyable. My 5-year-old loves to spend time in the kitchen and is always wanting to help! As a busy parent of a kindergartner, it can be difficult to find recipes that are appropriate for the age group. Of course you can always teach them to make a simple PB&J but where is the fun in that?

Miss O took a cooking class after school for a few weeks and I was disappointed that cooking wasn&rsquot really an accurate name for the class. It was more like mixing class. That&rsquos fine, but she had been helping me with simple cooking tasks, like pushing the scrambled eggs around in the pan, for a while.

The other problem is that so many recipes designed for kids are not very healthy. When I was searching I found lots of cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats, but not too many every day foods. If I want Miss O to really benefit from cooking, I want her to get started making real food, right away.

I went on a pretty exhaustive search and found these 15 awesome, kid-friendly recipes that cover everything from breakfast to snacks to dinner. Hopefully this list will give you a few ideas that you can work off to help your Kindergartner learn to love cooking at such a young age.

Recipe Tin Eats

The Pinning Mama

Well Plated

Ginger Cinnamon Crockpot Applesauce

Miss Information

Learn With Play At Home

Voracious Veggie

Six Sisters&rsquo Stuff

Butter With a Side of Bread

Home Made Interest

I Love to Cook

I Wash You Dry

Sally&rsquos Baking Addiction

Creating My Happiness

These simple, but delicious recipes can make time in the kitchen fun and educational. Have you tried any of these recipes with your kids? Share a picture of you and your little one on our new Facebook Page! We would love to hear from you, let us know what other easy-to-make and fun recipes you have tried with your Kindergartner.

The Ultimate Mediterranean Breakfast

If you’re stuck in a breakfast rut, let us introduce you to the Mediterranean breakfast board. Rather than whipping up pancakes and eggs on a Sunday morning, assemble a beautiful board of Mediterranean favorites, like sliced cucumber and tomatoes, pita, falafel, cubes of feta, hummus, and marinated olives, artichokes, and mushrooms. Let everyone go to town creating their perfect plate.

Turn Your Kid into a Star Chef with Food Network Magazine’s Newest Cookbook

There's no better time to bring kids into the kitchen.

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Food Network Magazine's The Big, Fun Kids Cookbook

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Kids Baking Championship or Chopped Junior, you already know that kids can create amazing things when you bring them into a kitchen. From gravity-defying confetti cakes to sweet treats masquerading as savory foods, there isn’t much kids can’t do. Nobody knows this better than the editors at Food Network Magazine — their new cookbook is full of recipes any kid can make. Here’s a taste of what you and your kids can expect when you order a copy today.

More Than 150 Kid-Friendly Recipes

Though there are a few that will require slight adult supervision, all the recipes in The Big, Fun Kids Cookbook have been tested again and again to ensure that kids can actually make them — even kids who’ve never cooked! Whether your children are looking for a creative way to transform their morning toast or they want to mix-up their afternoon grilled cheese sandwich, the possibilities are endless with this cookbook. We love the “Design Your Own Recipe” pages, which allow kids to put their own spin on granola bars, cereal treats, stuffed French toast and more. There are also hundreds of tips from our Food Network test kitchen chefs, so kids can easily get a handle on cooking basics in no time.

Food Trivia

Ever wonder where the first-ever ice cream sandwich originated? Or how many cups of milk are needed to make one pound of cheese? Fun, thought-provoking facts like these are scattered around The Big, Fun Kids Cookbook.

Foods Your Kids Should Eat to Strengthen Their Immune System (& Ideas for Getting Them to Eat It)

So here’s the challenge, right? We know what foods kids shouldn’t eat, we know why they should eat other foods…but how do we get them to eat it?

Below, you’ll see lots of food choices for your kids, along with the vitamins and minerals they contain, so you know what you’re targeting. I’ve included some kid-friendly suggestions (as per my own 5-year-old twin boys) as well as some links to recipes to help your kids get them down!

Right after this list, I’ve also included a free printable you can grab, for handy reference. I added a few more foods in there that I didn’t specifically list here, so you have a few extra suggestions in there (dairy, etc.). Be sure to fill out the box at the end to get it!

If your kids don’t like guacamole, you can mix in an avocado with a smoothie, and they’ll never know the difference! You can even freeze the smoothie and make it an ice pop. If your kid doesn’t mind avocado, they are great on a turkey sandwich or in place of mayo in egg salad.

A lot of kids like hot dogs, so mixing in baked beans with uncured hot dogs is a great way to keep it healthy!

Most kids love to eat bananas, so they are a perfect food to include. You also can make so many recipes using bananas as sweetener, such as these banana oatmeal cookies! Bananas are a great choice for breakfast, or an on-the-go, lunchbox. or after-school snack.

Some kids love broccoli – others… meh. You can serve them with ranch dressing or dip – lots of kids will eat them that way. Broccoli poppers are a great way to get kids to get their broccoli.

Chicken should be an easy dish for kids. You can use ground chicken for burgers, grilled chicken, or even homemade chicken nuggets (or store-bought organic nuggets).

Here, we’re talking fruits like oranges, tangerines, clementines, lemons, limes, kiwi, papaya. Thankfully, the sweetness of fruit is attractive to kids! Oranges, tangerines, and clementines are kids’ favorites.

You can make your own lemonade and lime drinks , or even just twist a little in their water. Papayas are great in smoothies and kiwis make great ice pops !

This is a no-brainer! Kids will never refuse dark chocolate! Dark chocolate chips are perfect mix-ins for trail mix or healthy cookies. You can even just buy the bars and dole it out!

Most kids will usually eat scrambled eggs, so it’s a fast, easy way to give them this nutrient-dense food! Hard-boiled eggs are a great snack as well. Many healthy baked recipes include eggs, so that’s another way you get it into their system.

Garlic is a fight-all food known for working against bacteria- and worth the effort. It stimulates white blood cells, which fight off infection. Of course, you can add it to your sauteed vegetables, ground beef for tacos or sloppy joes, and in marinara sauce.

Almonds, cashews, peanuts, and pine nuts are great sources of zinc! These are easy, healthy snacks for kids and come in pre-portioned snack packs. They are perfect in trail mix and in granola as well!

11| Pomegranates & Pomegranate Juice (Vitamins B, E>

Pomegranates are wonderful antioxidants, and typically, kids will take any opportunity to have juice! If this is too strong, it can be mixed with water to cut it down. If you want to try other healthy, kid-friendly recipes with pomegranates, check out this list!

Pumpkins are in everything in the fall, so it’s a great back-to-school choice. Just be sure to use real pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling. This is another healthy , kid-friendly recipe list with pumpkin, check out this list! And if your child will eat pumpkin seeds, that’s a bonus as it’s a great source of zinc!

Most kids aren’t fans of straight-up spinach. You can add it to a smoothie or even puree it and add it to spaghetti sauce. You can also try a healthy spinach dip as well, which is a great snack with cut veggies or multi-grain crackers or chips. But spinach is a power food loaded with vitamins, so it’s worth it to try to sneak this one in!

As a food that’s rich in antioxidants, this is a perfect snack for kids! It’s easy to throw it on cereal or oatmeal. Another way I love to get strawberries into my kids are in this strawberry frozen yogurt bark . It has dark chocolate & granola mixed in with the yogurt (other foods on this list), so it’s super-packed with immune-boosting nutrition!

15| Sunflower Seeds

Most kids like sunflower seeds, so this is a great choice for a school lunch or after-school snack. You can also mix them in trail mix. Also, try substituting sunflower seed butter in place of peanut butter.

Sweet potato fries a re delicious. I even make sweet potato chips with just coconut oil and cinnamon! Many kids also like mashed sweet potatoes or sweet potato casserole (hold the marshmallows).

Walnuts can be added to some healthy and clean brownie and cookie recipes as well as thrown in trail mix, or even the morning oatmeal.

This should be super-easy when watermelons are in season. I like to freeze them and make watermelon smoothies all year long with just some ice, coconut milk, and watermelon!

Carbs tend to get a bad rap these days, but whole grains are the kinds of carbs you want! They are great sources for Vitamin B and Zinc. Just making your child’s sandwich on whole grain or whole wheat bread is an easy way to do it! Oatmeal for breakfast or cookies with whole oats or oat flour is a great way to get kids to eat whole grains. Granola is a fan favorite around here and another great source of oats – this is my favorite clean granola recipe . Switching from white rice to brown rice is another way to get in healthy grains! Easy!

Most kids like the sweet stuff, but if you can get them to eat plain yogurt and add your own fruit or natural sweeteners, that’s the best. Greek yogurt is full of protein as well. Yogurt can also be mixed in smoothies as well as used in frozen yogurt bark , breakfast bars , or even frozen yogurt granola cups !

Free Printable Immune Boosting Foods for Kids List

If you want something handy to hang in the kitchen, just a list so you know you are covering your bases with the foods your kids are eating, I have a free printable! Just fill in the box below to grab it. I added in some more generic food choices as well (meat, dairy, etc.)

We can feel very out of control in today’s world, for sure. But what we feed our kids is one thing we DO have control over. By giving them healthy nutritious food, we can know we are boosting their immune systems and helping to protect them. No, it’s not a safe bubble from every virus and sickness, but we do what we can do and leave the rest to God, right?

Other Healthy Resources for Kids

If you’re needing some other quick, easy, grab-and-go snacks for kids, here are 65+ organic snacks that kids love!

However, in spite of our best efforts, kids are gonna get sick. When my kids do come down with something, I try to use natural remedies first. I have nothing against traditional medicine and we use it, but I believe God gave us so many cures in His creation just the way He gave us so many vitamins and minerals in natural food. If you’d like to see my favorite natural home remedies, take a look here, which also has a free printable for handy reference as well!

Moms, it’s not easy – it never is. But don’t run into the future and super-impose every “what-if” and hypothetical scenario on your kids. One day at a time. We do what we can and we trust God for the rest. You got this, mama. xo

Thoughts I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below!

Kate the Chemist turns kid-friendly recipes into edible science experiments

Chemist, science entertainer, cookbook author and professor Dr. Kate Biberdorf, also known as Kate the Chemist, is joining TODAY to share a few of her favorite fun food experiment recipes from her cookbook "Kate the Chemist: The Awesome Book of Edible Experiments for Kids." She shows us how to make poppable pretzel bites and melty cheese fondue.

TODAY has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not by TODAY.

I created this experiment as part of a food chemistry lecture for kids at my Fun with Chemistry Day Camp. It became an instant favorite because the kids could clearly see how the baking soda changed the appearance of the outside of the pretzel. It was the inspiration for my cookbook!

The best cheese fondue I ever had was in Switzerland! It was one of my top five memories of studying abroad, and one of the main reasons why I repeatedly perform this experiment. It's best when paired with Pretzel Bites or breadsticks!

If you like those fun recipes, you should also try these:

A Few Tips

Tip #1: To keep juicy foods (like melons) or drippy foods (like nut butters) from spilling onto other foods, store them in their own bowls and place the bowls on top of each board.

Tip #2: Have fun with it. Use whatever you have in the house and get creative. When you make healthy foods look fun, your kids pay attention.

Tip #3: To ensure maximum snacking, place the snack board in a central place in your house. It’s hard to pass up when you see a beautiful board ready for snacking.

Tip #4: Involve your kids. Building a snack board of their own is a fun, creative way for your kids to express themselves… and they’ll be even more excited to eat it when it’s their own creation.

Tip #5: Always keep a stash of crackers in your pantry because you never know when a snack board attack is going to hit. You can purchase Crunchmaster crackers at grocery stores nationwide, or on Amazon.

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Really I just have a question for the community out here. My sister has 3 small Autistic children, one of whom we just found out is Type 1 diabetic. Currently even tho he is now 4 years old he does not eat regular foods like most children. Also another child in the home is allergic to peanuts (most other nuts) and eggs and another has an allergy to corn based products. I am searching desperately to find recipes for things the whole family can eat. Also ingredients need to be ones that does not require her to go to a whole foods store to purchase. Their budget does not allow for specialty foods that you cannot get at an HEB or Walmart location. Budget wise for this family of 5, they have roughly 100-150 a week to spend on groceries. If anyone has any ideas I am certainly open.

Hi Crystal-thanks for reaching out! Working with a variety of allergies can definitely be tricky. My heart goes out to your sister. I love the idea of reaching out to the community to see if anyone else has suggestions as well. (Just a side note, we have a lot of that happen on our private Facebook group. Happy to add you if you would like, just let me know.)

Enjoy Life products are great they are free from over 20 different common allergens, including eggs, nuts, soy, and gluten. Enjoy Life products are fairly easy to find: I know they can be purchased through Amazon and at WalMart. They have good baking mixes, snacks, etc.

Here are some recipes that may work. Some of them do include eggs, but there are egg-free options. If you would like more suggestions or have any questions, feel free to also shoot us an email at [email protected] !