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Corn with peas and sausage

Corn with peas and sausage

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Peel the potatoes and rinse them;

We cut each potato into small slices;

Season with salt and put in a saucepan with water; Boil until they are almost ready;

We cut the sausage into slices;

When the potatoes have boiled, drain the water;

We put the potatoes in a pan together with the canned vegetables (we drained the juice), the sausage, basil, oregano, parsley; Season with salt and pepper; Add half a glass of water and heat over medium heat until reduced;

Remove from the heat and let it cool a bit;

In a pan add a tablespoon of lard, leave until it has melted and put the egg, season with salt and let it fry on both sides. Remove and place over vegetables;

Good appetite!

Check with peas and ham

Let's talk about peas. Or about the cake. We're talking about both, okay? And about the recipe for Chicken with peas and ham! First of all, let's talk about peas, which is a place of honor in our house! Sergiu can't, but he CAN'T not take at least 2 bags of frozen peas every time he goes to LIDL and claims that he could live his whole life with peas. Yes I believe it. No other food is eaten in our house until the last bite. What about peas? Pfffff! Peas are really the "core". We really like the frozen Chira pea from Lidl because it is very fine, it is super sweet, it boils easily, it has an excellent taste. Sometimes I just fry it in a little butter, salt, pepper and herbs and everyone is happy! Sometimes, peas come in recipes like today - Pea and ham cake!

Now let's talk about the cake, about the salty cake. Sergiu loves peas, Luca loves these salty cakes (see also the recipe for Chec 7 salted glasses). He is very happy every time I make them and he really likes this version with peas, because it is a fragrant, fluffy cake, perfect for the school package.

Useful tips for the Pea and Ham Check recipe:

  • From the given quantity comes a large cake, enough for 6-8 people.
  • It is ideal as an appetizer at festive meals, but also for the package at school, at the office.
  • It is a breakfast that you can have at hand, because it keeps very well for 3-4 days in the refrigerator.
  • You can also bake the cake in the shape of a guguluf, but also in muffin tins. Adjust the baking time and always test with a toothpick to make sure they are well cooked inside.

  • It is very easy to transport, so it is only good to take on trips, hikes and picnics that follow in the spring (if spring wants to come again this year, I really have serious doubts, especially if I look out the window now).
  • Also at Lidl you can find mixes of frozen vegetables: peas and carrots, corn, green or yellow peas, etc. So I suggest you try the recipe in various combinations.
  • If you don't like ham, you can use bacon cubes or cheese cubes.
  • I always add peas directly from the bag, frozen. I don't defrost it before, I don't boil it. Don't worry, the cake doesn't come out watery.

Ingredients for a check tray with peas and ham:

  • 220g faina Castello
  • a sachet of Castello baking powder
  • 100g Prague Pikok ham, diced
  • 100g Grana Padano Lovilio, grated
  • 3 eggs husband
  • 100ml milk Pilos
  • 100ml Vita D’Or sunflower oil
  • 300g frozen Chira peas
  • Castello salt to taste
  • Kania pepper to taste

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C and line a cake pan with butter and flour, butter and baking paper or non-stick spray. In a bowl mix flour, baking powder, grana padano (parmesan), salt and pepper. Separately, mix eggs, milk, oil. Pour the egg mixture over the flour mixture. Mix until we have a homogeneous composition. Put the peas and ham, mix.

All we have to do is put the composition in the tray and put it in the preheated oven. Bake the cake on the grill in the middle, for 45-50 minutes or until it passes the toothpick test. Useful tip: after the first 30 minutes, when the cake is nicely browned, cover the tray with aluminum foil, so that the cake does not brown more, but is baked inside.

When it is baked and passes the toothpick test, take it out of the oven, place the tray on one side for 10-15 minutes, until the cake cools. Then we take it out of the tray and let it cool completely. This step (to keep the tray upside down) is a step that I take in the case of the cake and helps it not to leave when it is taken out of the oven.

After the cake is cooled, you can slice it and especially you can enjoy the beautiful colors, the aroma that fills the whole house, the special taste! It really is a special cake, worth trying and it is "mega beautiful", as Luca J calls it. It will be the best!

Saute pea simple recipe

Saute pea simple recipe. This pea dish is quick, it is prepared with butter or oil and a little dill. In summer I make it with fresh peas and in winter with frozen peas. I never use canned peas when sautéing. I like it to be bright green, appetizing.

I do saute peas as a garnish in addition to mesh, snacks, grills or steaks. Its flavor comes from the quality of peas and butter. If the marar !! It can also turn into a kind of post if you use oil instead of butter.

How good is the pea dish with chicken and flour dumplings! You can find the recipe here.

There are varieties of peas with tender and sweet beans and there are varieties with thicker skin and woody core. How lucky are you & # 8230 right?

In summer I buy peas from the market, from the peasants around Arad. Have you heard of peas & # 8222tucara & # 8221? It's the sweet and tender one. Here are the goodies I buy in the summer from the market: asparagus, classic pumpkins, vargati and zucchini, green garlic and fresh peas, peeled on the same day.

In winter I always have bags of peas and green beans in the freezer. Freezing is the best way to preserve vegetables (which are suitable for this). They retain their taste, color and aroma and are very easy to cook in the off-season.

Pea or canned peas have a washed color and a specific taste. I like to eat it empty but I wouldn't cook with it. Not even in soups. I use it instead at beef salad. There must be canned peas to have that special taste.

From the quantities below we obtained 2-3 servings of sauteed peas. I know that people also make pea food with broth, but I like sautéing more.

Shrimp with peas and corn

Thaw the peas at room temperature and place them on an absorbent kitchen towel to dry well. We do the same with corn kernels. I had frozen shrimp, I thawed them too and put them on the kitchen towel.

Chop the onion, garlic and ginger. In a wok or pan, heat the vegetable oil, add the white part of the onion, garlic and ginger, heat for a few seconds. Add the well drained shrimp and sauté for 2 minutes, add the rice wine, let the alcohol evaporate. Then add the peas, then the corn, add the salt. Mix everything and leave it on the fire for another minute, drizzle the sesame oil on top and turn off the heat.

Cravings in pregnancy & ndash when and why they occur

Transfer to the plate and serve immediately is an easy but satisfying dish. It can be served with a bowl of rice or as a main course with other vegetables.


Step 1

Chicken with peas and bacon

Cut the chicken breast into suitable pieces. Let them marinate in milk for at least 30 minutes. Thus, the pieces of chicken breast will remain tender even after frying. We then drain them from the milk and sprinkle them with a little olive oil, about a teaspoon. Top with breadcrumbs, Grana Padano (or freshly grated permesan), salt, pepper, herbs. Mix very well so that it forms a crust on the chicken pieces.

In a frying pan put enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan. Fry the chicken breast pieces over medium to low heat until browned on both sides. Meanwhile, boil the peas according to the instructions on the package.

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(5 points / total votes: 56)

Simona-Adina Hotea 9 years ago - 13 June 2011 09:51

Re: Low peas

How nice ! On Saturday morning I was in the market, there was an abundance of products. Everything smelled fresh, green, the aromas and colors killed you! .
This recipe is extremely simple, I think that precisely because of this fact it will feel good with all the taste of fresh peas. Is the sauce "tied" only from the two grated vegetables?

Ioana 9 years ago - 13 June 2011 10:01

Re: Low peas

yes, bind the sauce only with onions and peppers, if they are grated or even better mixed in a blender in the form of paste. maybe you will put 1 whole pepper as a big pepper lover, let the sauce boil until it drops well and you see the oil accumulating on top.

paula 9 years ago - 13 June 2011 18:50

Re: Low peas

after the picture it seems like a heavy food. TOO MUCH OIL. otherwise this recipe is delicious

Ioana 9 years ago - 13 June 2011 19:14

Re: Low peas

it is not too much if you use quality extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed, maximum acidity 0.7%) as I specifically specified in the recipe.
but if you opt for cooking oil (whether it's sunflower, olives or something else) then really the last spoon is useless, it would only mean extra calories. but the extra virgin olive has a phenomenal taste and added at the end it keeps that taste, enriching the food without making it heavy on the stomach or giving you the feeling of oily.

trust me as usual and I am sure you will be delighted with the result. it will remind you of Greek food

diana 9 years ago - 14 June 2011 00:38

Re: Low peas

The peas are ready!
It's just that with no green dill in the house, I put parsley. I like it anyway, any greenery delights me but theoretically probably dill is more appropriate, it depends on tastes in the end.

Mari Ana 9 years ago - 14 June 2011 15:32

Re: Low peas

Unfortunately, I don't have fresh peas, but I make the recipe today with canned peas. It's not the same thing, but I hope it goes well. There is also tomato soup on the list, so today everything will be light. Good thing you came back and got into the rhythm,

Mari Ana 9 years ago - 14 June 2011 18:49

Re: Low peas

Peas made and comment: it's ok. I will definitely buy fresh peas tomorrow, let's see the difference. Vote.

Ioana 9 years ago - 14 June 2011 18:57

Re: Low peas

it will come out better with fresh peas as the pea leaves its taste in the sauce. I tried it with frozen peas (bought) in the winter and it didn't turn out so good.

Mari Ana 9 years ago - 15 June 2011 15:05

Re: Low peas

You're right, today is completely different. The taste is much better and Teona agreed. From now on, the pea break.
We are waiting for the strawberry recipes (which will always be successful, they are her favorites).

Ioana 9 years ago - 15 June 2011 15:14

Re: Low peas

Yes. simple recipes go for fresh, seasonal vegetables, then they taste maximum.

Oh, have you seen potato soup?

Mari Ana 9 years ago - 16 June 2011 14:52

Re: Low peas

I saw, it's the first recipe you make from the royal book. I recently made the lemon cake and it was very appreciated by the guests. As for the soup, I think your personal "contribution" gave it a great taste, when I made it I remember it was a little sweet, but good. I will redo it after the modified recipe and I will tell you how it turned out.

Ioana 9 years ago - 16 June 2011 14:52

Re: Low peas

I can't wait for a comparison! I did not do it in the original version.

mio 9 years ago - 18 July 2011 13:38

Re: Low peas

What do you think about flour peas? I don't like to put flour in peas or sauces at all, and I make peas without flour. But I saw that a lot of flour is put in Transylvania.

Ioana 9 years ago - July 18, 2011 13:45

Re: Low peas

I do both. when the peas are fresh I make this version, when I use canned peas I use the version with flour or wholesale it with vegetable puree.

rovi 9 years ago - 31 July 2011 04:22

Re: Low peas

from here I learn to cook for k st very young and I don't know much from here I learn everything a good cook needs to know thank you

rica 8 years ago - 28 October 2011 10:53

Re: Low peas

I also add a carrot to the peas, and I don't make rantas, meaning fried flour, it's harmful and it comes out perfectly.

jeanina matache 8 years ago - 18 March 2012 06:19

Re: Low peas

It's a great recipe but too nauseous from the oil, it can be super extra virgin olive oil, it will be the same. Come on, come on

Laurentiu Aurel Mirica 8 years ago - 19 March 2012 14:04

Re: Low peas

how do you manage to grate onions as the leaves unfold in my hand. I tried so many times, holding it in all positions but without success.

Ioana 8 years ago - 19 March 2012 14:34

Re: Low peas

cut the onion in half lengthwise (from the tail to the opposite end) and then grate each piece. in the end, the sheets really unfold or I put my nails in danger and I still have losses, but that's it. if you don't want losses you can mix it in the robot until it's finely chopped or pass it through the meat grinder

Mădă Băbănaş 7 years ago - November 13, 2012 17:10

Re: Low peas

Doesn't fresh peas [picked from the garden and then put in the freezer] need a boil before?

Ioana 7 years ago - 14 November 2012 09:37

Re: Low peas

I do not understand the question. before what?

Mădă Băbănaş 7 years ago - 14 November 2012 10:28

Re: Low peas

before being cooked. I was wondering if 20 minutes' cooking time is enough for fresh peas

Ioana 7 years ago - November 14, 2012 10:41

Re: Low peas

you don't have to boil it before. my fresh peas boil for about 20-25 minutes. if after this time you check it and see that it is not cooked (or it is not cooked enough for your taste) add a little hot water and let it boil until it is ok.

Larisa 7 years ago - 5 February 2013 15:25

Re: Low peas

But how does it come out with peas in a jar? It comes out just like the fresh one?

Ioana 7 years ago - 5 February 2013 15:26

Re: Low peas

close. I also really like the taste of the one in the jar.

Larisa 7 years ago - 5 February 2013 17:55

Re: Low peas

Do I follow the same steps as fresh peas?

Ioana 7 years ago - 5 February 2013 17:57

Re: Low peas

do not add the peas in step 2. boil the simple sauce until it drops a little and then towards the end add the peas and let them heat together. or you can use frozen peas.

Larisa 7 years ago - 5 February 2013 18:07

Re: Low peas

Boil and instead of peas in step 2 do I add water?

Ioana 7 years ago - 5 February 2013 18:11

Re: Low peas

yes, add water in step 2 and boil the sauce until the vegetables soften.

Larisa 7 years ago - 6 February 2013 14:38

Re: Low peas

should the vegetables be made in a blender? Grate the onions and peppers and then heat them.
After I cook them, do I add water? How much water do I add for 500 g of peas to the jar?

Ioana 7 years ago - 6 February 2013 14:45

Re: Low peas

water another 1 cup and boil until it drops well, so that the vegetables have time to soften well.

Larisa 7 years ago - 6 February 2013 15:07

Re: Low peas

do the spices end them?

Ioana 7 years ago - 6 February 2013 15:39

Re: Low peas

follow the recipe, just put the peas towards the end.

Stefania 7 years ago - 11 February 2013 23:47

Re: Low peas

Ioana, first of all I want to thank you for the blog, it is "my virtual cookbook" in the last year..I really like your recipes, they are light and very tasty ..
A small observation, however ... you say above that you use extra virgin olive oil for cooking / frying, at least in the first phase.
I lived in Spain for many years, and I was told directly from the source that extra virgin olive oil is never used in cooking, the burning point is extremely low, it is only used in salads.
Otherwise, the recipes are great, the pictures are helpful, and tonight I will make the peas as a garnish.

Ioana 7 years ago - 12 February 2013 13:38

Re: Low peas

yes, that's generally the case. only here it is not fried in it to reach high temperatures. grated onions and peppers have so much juice that they practically simmer for only 2 minutes in olive oil.

Lava man 6 years ago - 20 June 2014 15:28

Re: Low peas

I couldn't wait for the pea season to appear to make this recipe.
This time I improvised a bit, because I don't like to give things through graters and the electric grater can't be used very successfully. So I chopped the pepper smaller and at the end I added the tomato and the canned sauce that I had left over from the peas with telemea. Yummy and so!

filimon ileama marcela a year ago - 16 June 2019 19:55

Re: Low peas

livuemil one hour ago - 14 October 2020 17:47

Re: Low peas

If you start grating vegetables instead of cutting them, then you don't call yourself a cook. The grater is for confectioners, pastry chefs, but I see it as for lazy cooks.

Pea with wings

Pea with wings recipes: how to cook winged peas and the most tasty ostropel recipes with wings, peas with dumplings, peas with smoked, peas with friganele, peas with ribs, peas with salami, dried peas with meat, peas with pork ribs, ostropel with wings, baked chicken wings .

Pea Food With Chicken Wings

Foods with vegetables 1 onion 2 small boxes of pea salt, delicate broth chicken wings

Pea dish with chicken wings

Meat dishes 800 g chicken wings 900 g frozen peas 1 onion 1 pepper red juice delicate salt green dill chicken

Wings With Susan

- 5-6 wings - 1-2 eggs- it depends on how many wings you make and also how big the eggs are - spices for chicken- I used the ones from kamis because I really like them - 1 sachet of sesame - ground white pepper - oil, salt

Hot wings

Foods, Meatballs, chicken, salt, pepper, breadcrumbs, eggs, flour, paprika, spices.

Chicken peas

Meat dishes 500 g peas (I used frozen peas) 2 chicken legs and 3 wings one onion 1-2 pieces bell peppers (I used red yellow, green frozen peppers) half a carrot 2-3 slices of celery a bunch of dill (I used frozen dill) a tip of.

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Meat dishes * chicken wings * 1 onion * 1 donut (or red bell pepper) * broth or tomato juice * oil * salt and pepper * parsley

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Steaks 1kg chicken wings 1/2 stem lemongrass, chopped 1/2 clove garlic, chopped ginger - 2cm, grated 1 teaspoon chili flakes 100g golden syrup 60ml soy sauce 60ml vinegar coriander lime slices

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Food, Marinated steaks: - orange juice - 5-6 cloves of garlic - 1 teaspoon sugar - 1 teaspoon soy sauce - 1 teaspoon worcester sauce - thyme - chicken wings

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Pea food with chicken

Meals, Meat with fresh peas or 2 jars of canned peas 1 carrot a few tomatoes 2 onions 1 red bell pepper chicken (wings and thighs) tomato paste 1 bunch of dill

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Lemon, Nutmeg, Peas 700 g turkey meat 2 cloves garlic 1/2 donut 1 onion 1 lemon 100 g butter 100 g flour 250 ml meat soup 1 tbsp capers 1 onion 1/2 lemon green parsley salt pepper cream (optional) - for pea puree: 300 g peas 50 g butter.

Pea dish with vegetable stew

Meals with vegetables 1 jar of peas (or fresh peas I used. From my own garden) 1 jar of homemade vegetable stew salt, pepper 2 onions 1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley oil 3 tablespoons flour

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Dill, Mint, Red onion 4 chicken breasts 1 kg peas 1 red onion 1 link dill 1 can chopped tomatoes in tomato sauce tomato salt freshly ground pepper dried dill mint

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80 g peas, 1 tablespoon salt, 5 eggs, 2 tablespoons sake or white wine, 2 teaspoons sugar, 40 g hotate-scallop oil for frying pan.

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Meals with vegetables and greens because now is the season of fresh peas I thought of making a pea dish with new potatoes. -1 kg of peas - dried onions -3-4 green onions - 3 tomatoes -4 new potatoes -3 tablespoons lard - a few dill seeds - salt - pepper.

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Meals with vegetables, Fasting recipes a box 800 gr peas 1 finely chopped leek 1 canned peeled tomatoes 2 cloves garlic pepper, allspice, soy sauce


1 box of peas, 1 box of corn, 4 diced tomatoes, 3 sliced ​​cucumbers, 1 clove of garlic, grated, lemon juice, 1 box of yogurt, 1 bunch of finely chopped parsley, 100 g diced ham or chicken pastrami

Difficulty: low | Time: 15 min

Method of preparation

Small potatoes in cheese sauce

Boil the potatoes in salted water for a few minutes - the frozen ones should only be rinsed in hot water. it

Autumn vegetable tart

We prepare a tray with a size of 30/40 cm. or two smaller than 15/20 cm. We are preparing for the beginning

Video: pølsemad (August 2022).