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Dessert pie woven with apples and raisins

Dessert pie woven with apples and raisins
Spirulina, the ideal and complete human food, 30 times richer in vitamin B than beef steak!
Algae have such an extraordinary composition from a nutritional point of view that researchers have included it on the short list of superfoods - says chemical engineer Ștefan Manea and adds: They have more vitamin C, iodine and calcium than oranges!
Because they have a very high chlorophyll content, they were the main food of man in the cosmos and not by chance, but because they were, in fact, the first manifestation of life on Earth.
Do you know what chlorophyll does?
It has a strong effect of regeneration and immediate energization of the whole body, bringing a welcome vitality. That is why algae are indispensable in the food of performance athletes, cosmonauts, pilots and all those who want to take a sudden bath of energy.
Remember what I tell you - in the not too distant future, algae will become the food of the whole world, as the population multiplies explosively and food resources are increasingly difficult to procure "- concludes the interlocutor our.
Algae, the largest supplier of iodine of all known foods
There are blue, green, red-brown algae and they are all exceptional - says Anca Daniela Raiciu, doctor of pharmaceutical sciences and specialist in phytotherapy. This is why they are considered as such by researchers:
"People want to know how to justify this adjective of" exceptional "when it comes to algae. First of all, it must be said that they are the largest suppliers of iodine among all known foods, its lack causing great deficiencies in the body.
Extra pounds and goiter are the smallest problems if we consider that the most feared are the autoimmune diseases of the thyroid gland associated with increased risk of cancer: breast, endometrium, ovary, prostate.
They have all possible vitamins, but especially they are rich in B12, spirulina being 30 times more concentrated in this respect than a healthy portion of beef, while it is very low in calories - says our interlocutor - That's why it is It is used successfully in weight loss regimens, as its fucoxanthin content accelerates fat burning.
Those who suffer from gout, rheumatism, constipation, diabetes find relief by consuming these plants. Algae can be bought dried from specialty stores and put in water to rehydrate. In this way they do not lose their nutritional properties and can be used in salads, soups, in various appetizers. Vinegar, garlic, spices complete their taste, that's why they are part of the favorite foods of billions of people on earth "- says the specialist.
Despite their nutritional value and the wonders they do for health, not everyone can consume seaweed - says phytotherapy specialist A.D. Raiciu:
"Especially in our country this is very unlikely, as algae are not part of our gastronomic culture, which is why we need to work to clarify and educate the population about the superfood qualities of this plant.
For those who can't stand the taste of seaweed, I recommend consuming spirulina in the form of supplements. The important thing is that they have no contraindications!
No one who wants to stay away from microbial, viral infections, malignancies, accumulation of toxins can do without spirulina. "
Spirulina, the ideal and complete human food
The chemical engineer Stefan Manea at Kanal D spoke about Spirulina, which induces the normal state of all organic functions and does not create addiction. Spirulina is the ideal and complete food for man.

Heat the oven to the lowest heat. Dissolve the yeast in hot water. Mix flour, sugar and salt in another bowl. Add eggs, yeast composition and milk. Mix with a mixer until you get a dough. Turn off the heat in the oven, cover the bowl with a greased plastic wrap and put the dough in the oven. Keep it warm for an hour, until it grows.

Heat the oil in the pan. Add raisins and the apples in dough. Give them the shape you want donut and then put them in the oil bath. Keep them fried until golden. Drain them on a paper towel to get rid of excess oil. Powder them with powdered sugar.

1. In a bowl, combine eggs, sugar, yogurt, lemon peel, vanilla essence and semolina. Set it aside. You can also use raisins or candied fruit.

2. Divide the sheets in the package according to their number. For example, I had a pack of 12 pie sheets, so I separated them into three parts of four pie sheets each. Thus, after assembling the pie, we obtained 3 layers of pie sheets and 2 layers of delicious yogurt filling.

3. In a tray, place the first four sheets of pie. Grease each one with the 100 ml of oil so that they do not stick together. Then, with the help of a polish, pour half the amount of filling. Place the next four sheets of pie, greasing each one, then repeat the procedure. At the end you will get three layers of sheets, and two layers of filling. Of course, you can adapt the recipe. You can have layers of two or three sheets of pie, and several layers of yogurt. The combinations are countless!

4. Place the tray in the oven at 180C for 30-35 minutes or until the tip of a toothpick inserted in the dough comes out clean.

5. After the pie has cooled, it can be served as such or you can powder it with powdered sugar.

For more delicious cake ideas, visit The Sweet Retreat page.

Dessert pie woven with apples and raisins - Recipes

Posted by Postolache Violeta on February 11, 2014 in sweet pastries twisted with apples and raisins recipes with apples | Comments: 17

I love apple desserts, and these twists were perfect, fluffy, fragrant, with an enticing smell! The dough is the one I usually use, and I "borrowed" the filling and the way of twisting from Laura and on this occasion I thank her!

for the dough:
500 gr flour 200 ml of milk 50 gr butter
2 eggs

7 gr dry yeast 50 gr of honey
for the filling:

1/2 kg of apples
100 gr raisins
3 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon starch
rum essence
1 teaspoon Cinnamon Kotanyi

for anointed:

1 yolk
2 tablespoons milk
50 ml water
2 tablespoons sugar

Put them in a saucepan on the fire until the sugar is completely dissolved and the apples have softened. Add the cinnamon and set aside to cool.

Turn the dough over on the floured work surface and knead until the dough no longer sticks to your hands.

Spread a rectangular sheet and spread the apple composition on the entire surface.

Twist each strip of dough and place them in the tray lined with baking paper.

Put them in the oven, over medium heat, until lightly browned.

We make a syrup from water and sugar and grease the twists as soon as we take them out of the oven. Optionally you can sprinkle them with powdered sugar.

Chia pudding with apples and cinnamon

I'm not a big fan of cinnamon, but I love it in apple pie.

I have to admit that very often I feel like making apple pie, though

as it takes a long time to prepare it, I don't always feel like it & hellip

Today I show you a dessert that can successfully replace the apple pie, it is very healthy

and it's done very quickly. How come, the ideal dessert & # 128578

Don't be fooled by the look of the cage, the taste is absolutely delicious (although .. and the cage is delicious & # 128539)

You can read more about chia seeds here.

You can find other chia recipes here.

4 tablespoons chia seeds (if you have white ones it's even better)

250 ml apple juice (I take from that in a 3L box)

5-6 lg oatmeal / rye

1 lgt cinnamon breed

How come:

Simple of all. Mix all ingredients (apple on a large grater and coarsely chopped walnuts)

mix to homogenize and consume after 20-30 minutes.

I like the flakes to soften well, so I usually prepare it in the evening and consume it in the morning.

Quantities can vary depending on preferences, either put more apple, or more flakes, or more walnuts.


A delicious fasting cake, with grated apples and orange scent is definitely a dessert that we can indulge in a cup of coffee or tea.

Of course, it is also an idea for those who have an allergy to eggs or lactose intolerance, so it can be added to their menu without any problems. My check with grated apples had a great time with friends, so I decided to try a fasting option and I would say it worked out.

One of our friends didn't believe I didn't put eggs or butter in it, so we prepared it together and he was very happy that it would make his girlfriend a sweet surprise the next day. She fasts every Friday, not just for Christmas or Easter.

After all, it is a healthy choice to give up meat, eggs or milk one day a week. We help the body to function properly, we give a little break to the liver.

Fasting cake with grated apples is delicious, fragrant, fluffy, slightly moist. Apples and raisins are good friends, so in this cake we will use them as well. In general, raisins are dry, so we will cover them 30 minutes before with water and rum to hydrate and flavor them.

This fully contributes to the final taste of the cake.

I hope you are tempted by my dessert proposal and you will try it. If you send me pictures of the fasting cake with grated apples, I will publish them in the continuation of this post, and if you share the recipe, thank you in advance.


3 small grated apples (about 280 g after being cleaned and grated)
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
250 g sugar (can be coconut sugar or other sweetener)
50 ml oil
150 ml of mineral water
1 teaspoon rom
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
300 g flour
1 sachet of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 pinch of salt
grated peel from 1/2 orange
60 g raisins

Put the raisins soaked in water with rum essence (enough to cover them). We clean the apples and grate them with a small grater. Sprinkle them with lemon juice and mix well, then sprinkle cinnamon over them.

Mix a little sugar with oil, then add mineral water, vanilla essence and grated orange peel. Put grated apples and raisins over this composition and mix.

Incorporate flour mixed with baking powder and baking soda and mix.

Pour the dough into a tray lined with baking paper and bake it in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for 45 minutes. After baking, let it cool on a grill.

We get a simple and good apple cake, a sweet treat even if we fast.

Apple pie

1. Mix salt, flour and sugar in a bowl, then add cold butter, cut into cubes and incorporate with a fork.
2. Add the yolks and cold water. Knead quickly until you gather all the ingredients in a dough. Cover with foil and refrigerate until the filling is ready.

Spring is coming with news from Nestl & eacute

How to prepare the filling

1. Peel the apples, then cut them into cubes and put them in a pan.
2. Add sugar, starch and raisins. Simmer, stirring constantly until the composition thickens.
3.Shoot after the fire and let it cool well.

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
2. Divide the dough into two parts.
3. Spread the first sheet, then place it in the tray with the help of the rolling pin, taking care that the walls of the tray are 4 cm "covered" in the dough. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of semolina, then put the cooled filling well. Refrigerate until we spread the second sheet with which we cover.
4. Grease the top with an egg yolk and put in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 45 minutes. Cover the pie with a sheet of baking paper so it doesn't burn.
After removing it from the oven, let it cool well in the form, and after placing it on the plate sprinkle powdered sugar and portion it.
Good appetite!

How to prepare pie braided with apples and raisins:

Put two tablespoons of sugar, yeast and two tablespoons of flour in warm milk.

Stir gently and set aside for at least ten minutes for the yeast to activate.

In a saucepan, melt the butter over low heat (Caution, do not boil but just warm).

When the butter becomes liquid, put it over the flour.

Add a little salt, beaten eggs separately, sugar, vanilla essence and grated lemon peel.

Put the yeast mixture, stirring lightly, then knead until the dough becomes firm and no longer sticks.

A very tender and fluffy apple pie dough comes out.

Two large pies will come out of this amount of dough.

Grease a bowl with oil and put the dough in it.

Cover with plastic wrap and leave in a warm place for an hour and a half or until the dough doubles in volume.

During this time prepare the filling.

Wash the apples under cold running water, then peel them.

Cut the peeled apples into cubes and put them in a pan.

Sprinkle with a little lemon juice to prevent oxidation.

Add sugar and starch and simmer until the sugar melts.

Set aside to cool, then add the raisins, vanilla, grated lemon peel and cinnamon.

Divide the dough into two equal parts.

Take a piece of dough and spread a rectangular sheet about the size of the tray.

Put half of the filling in the middle, and cut the dough on the edges obliquely with a sharp knife.

Bring the end of the dough a little over the filling, then take a strip and bring it over the filling.

Do the same with the other piece of dough.

Place the two pies in a tray lined with baking paper.

Grease the pies with beaten eggs and put in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for 30-40 minutes.

When they are ready, you can sprinkle powdered sugar on top.

Note: Whoever wants can fill the pie with cheese, instead of apples.

Braided apple pie

Today I bring you a braided apple pie. Although it may seem complicated at first glance, it is just a simple pie, but presented a little more clearly.

So with simple ingredients that can be found in every home we can make a dessert that will be very appreciated. Besides good taste, it also has the advantage of looking very good and we all know that a food that looks good has only to gain.

Apple pie and sour cream!

A delicious and fine pie that simply melts in your mouth! It is easy to prepare and, without a doubt, turns an ordinary meal into a celebration. You can prepare it instead of cake and all your guests will be delighted by its wonderful taste. It is so tasty that you can't refuse the extra portions!


For the dough:

For the filling:

For the cream:

-2 tablespoons top with fermented cream

-an egg (for greasing the pie before baking)

-a little oil (for greasing the tray and the work surface).


1.Prepare the dough: pour hot water into a deep bowl. Add sugar, a pinch of salt, eggs, oil and dry yeast. Stir until smooth.

2. Gradually add (in 2 steps) the sifted flour. Initially mix with a spoon, and then knead a soft and non-sticky dough with your hands.

3. Cover it with cling film and leave it to rise for 30 minutes in a warm place.

4.Prepare the filling: peel apples and seeds. Cut them into thin slices.

5.Shape the pie: lubricate the work surface with oil. Spread the leavened dough on it in the form of a large, rectangular top, 2-3 mm thick.

6. Spread 100 g of sugar on the surface of the countertop.

7.Place the apple slices in 3 longitudinal rows on it (as shown in the image below).

8. Roll the top into a roll so that it covers one layer of apples each time you roll.

9.Cut the roll into 10 pieces.

10.Place them with the sections upwards in a round cake pan, greased with oil. Let them "rest" for 10-15 minutes.

11. Grease the surface of the pie with beaten egg.

12. Bake for 40 minutes in the preheated oven to 180 ° C.

13. Cover the tray with a tray and turn the pie over.

14.Prepare the cream: mix the fermented cream with the sugar until the latter dissolves completely.

15.Transfer the cream into a pouch and apply it on the surface of the cooled pie (as you like).

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