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Pickles from cherry gogonele

Pickles from cherry gogonele

I washed and cleaned the donuts very well. I broke the cauliflower bouquets, which I washed well. I cleaned, washed and sliced ​​the carrot. I cleaned the horseradish and cut it long.

In a jar I put the cauliflower bouquets, then the gogonele, the carrot rounds, and the gogonele and cauliflower bouquets. I put horseradish stalks on top.

I prepared the spicy, according to the specifications on the package and I poured it into jars.

I got a 4 kg jar and a small 800 g jar.

Fried pickles


  • 1 pink gogonea (more baked)
  • 1 donut
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1-2 pickled cabbage leaves
  • 1 hot pepper
  • 1 bunch of cauliflower
  • 1 cup oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon tomato paste
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic

How to proceed:

Cut them all pickles small, let them drain well, put them in a pan with oil and fry together with the tomato paste and the puppies. garlic grind. They are good and cold and warm.

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Pickle specialists

The recipes of the peasants passed down from generation to generation are in great demand in the Capital. In an 800 gram jar, put two tablespoons of salt, a quarter of vinegar, the rest of the water, a teaspoon of sugar and [...]

Pickled gogons with colored slices of carrots

October is the best time to pickle gogons. Their salty, astringent and even slightly spicy taste (depending on the spices used) is ideal with fatty pork steaks or potato or bean dishes. More salty and more intense in taste than pickled cucumbers, gogonelles are excellent, especially if some ripe tomatoes are strained among them.

Ingredient: 2.5 kg gogonele, 2 carrots (optional), 1 hand cauliflower (optional), 4 tablespoons coarse salt, 1 horseradish stalk, 1/2 dried dill stalk, celery leaves, 4 bay leaves, 8 cloves of garlic , 1 tablespoon peppercorns, 1 tablespoon mustard seeds.

Method of preparation:

Sterilize the jars, wash the gogons well. Discard those hit or injured in any way.
Peel a squash, grate it and slice it. Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into 4 pieces.
Boil 3 liters of water to which you add the 4 tablespoons of salt. Take the water off the heat and set it aside. Place a layer of broken dill stalks, celery leaves on the bottom of the jar.

Then place the gogons interspersed with cauliflower flowers and carrot slices, pour the mustard and peppercorns between the gogons. Add the bay leaves and the rest of the dill and celery stalks. Pour the hot brine over the gogons. Cover the jars with screw cap or cellophane (cut in half and lightly soaked). Allow the jars to cool, covered, until the next day.

Pickled gogons are ideal with fatty meats, sausages or fried eggs, polenta with cheese, beans with ciolan, potato stews with smoked sausages, etc.

Label: pickle recipes

Autumn is coming to an end or rather, he is trying to convince us that it is coming to an end and I thought it would be time to put my pickles in a safe place. From year to year we already know what pickles we prefer, so we have gathered our supplies for the long winter to come. I bought a big bag of autumn cabbage, about 3 boxes of gogonele and about 20 watermelons. I set to work and cleaned the necessary for the gogonele and melons that I will put together. The pickle recipes that I will share with you below are considered raw, because they are prepared cold.

In the video below, I will present a recipe for pickled cucumbers and a recipe for pickled gogonele in brine. The guest of my show is Izabela Panescu, the producer of the show "Youth Without Old Age" from Digi24. You can also find the recipe here.

To a 30 L barrel I added the following ingredients:

Pickled melons and gogonele

  • Servings: 10
  • Duration: 30
  • Difficulty: easy
  • 20 pepenasi
  • 5 kg gogonele
  • 4-5 large carrots (you can add more)
  • 2 celery, roots and leaves
  • 4 bundles of dried dill
  • 100 g mustard seeds
  • 4 whole donuts
  • 4-5 heads of garlic
  • 1 horseradish root (only one root and no more)
  • 25 L brine (1 tablespoon salt to a liter of water)

I put alternative layers of melons and gogonele, followed by layers of dried dill sticks, among which I sprinkled garlic, mustard seeds, slices of carrots and celery and the four donuts.

Pickled cabbage

  • Servings: 1-2
  • Duration: 3mins
  • Difficulty: easy
  • a bag of autumn cabbage (approx. 25 kg)
  • 1 red cabbage
  • 4 bindings dry dill
  • grains from dried corn
  • 2 whole quinces
  • 100 g mustard seeds
  • 1 tablespoon salt to a liter of water
  • 1 barrel of 30 L

The cabbage is grown on the back and placed in the barrel. All ingredients are placed between layers of cabbage. We pour brine over everything and that's it.

Both are left alone for 2-3 days, after which we will start blowing daily or every two days, using a long plastic tube (which will reach the bottom of the barrel). If we don't do this, the pickles will spoil faster than we could imagine. I use 30 L barrels every year that have handcuffs, because from time to time I turn or shake the barrel in place.

Last year we enjoyed some delicious pickles and we were overly impressed by the pickles and watermelons that had an exceptional taste. For those of you who can buy wooden barrels, they would be ideal. I wish you more work and I am waiting for your favorite pickle recipes!

Method of preparation

Wash the melon, cut it into suitable slices.

We wash the cucumbers and gogonelles.

On the bottom of the jar we place celery leaves, horseradish, oak, dried dill, but washed beforehand.

Peel the garlic, put half of it, cut into slices.

We clean the horseradish and let go of a few pieces.

We start and place the gogonele, cucumbers, melon slices and cherry tomato sprigs in the jar, as we wish, either in layers or mixed.

Peel a squash, grate it and put it in a jar.

We also start the pieces of hot peppers, and on top we place again all kinds of leaves, as we put on the bottom of the jar.

Add the rest of the garlic and horseradish, cut into pieces.

To 1 liter of cold water we put a tablespoon of large salt. For such a jar we need about 2 liters of brine, so 2 liters of cold water and 2 tablespoons of high salt.

Mix well with a spoon until the salt is completely melted, then pour it into the jar until it is full.

We screw the jar tightly with its lid, we leave it in the kitchen overnight, and the next day we let it cool.


You want to put pickles simple and without much time spent in the kitchen? Follow these pickle recipes, read our directions and tips and you will get the best pickles!

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    Pickled cucumbers are one of the most sought after ingredients in salads and in the cold season. They are very.

    Pickled cabbage is full of vitamins and minerals and, in addition, is a probiotic food, meant to support our health.

    Did anyone say pickle soup? Yes, it is not a mistake but it is really an interesting dish, which has become fashionable & icircn.

    Summer pickles are for those who can't wait for autumn to taste a pickle & brine.

    One of the most delicious appetizers of Italian cuisine is pickled eggplant, which are served with tomatoes.

    Pickled cauliflower is great both alone in its own jar and with other pickled vegetables: gogonele, carrots.

    Pickled dumplings can be called the superlative of Romanian pickles, being indispensable on Christmas tables, along with the delicious steak.

    Vinegar donuts are one of Romania's favorite pickle recipes. Easy to prepare, they are not missing from the festive meals of.

    Assorted pickles are loved by everyone, especially when they are carefully prepared and follow a few simple cooking rules. so.

    Cucumbers in vinegar are easy to prepare, being the favorite pickles along with a fatter steak. Every recipe is similar, though.

    Pickled cucumbers are part of the category of pickles adored in Romania, and every housewife has her own recipe.

    To prepare this jam, you must first clean the gogonele. After cutting them into slices, remove the seeds and put them in a bowl with half a kilogram of sugar. Leave them like this overnight, without mixing them or adding other ingredients. The next day you have to boil them in a liter of water, adding the rest of the sugar, ginger, cloves and cinnamon. Let them simmer until the composition thickens. When the jam is ready, store it in airtight jars, but not before removing the ginger and cloves.

    The jamonele jamonele it is a delicacy that will surely be enjoyed by both your family members and guests. You can consume this preparation as such or you can use it as a filling for various cakes.

    Gogonele jam

    Gogonele jam

    Nothing easier to do than this Sweety . Yes you read that right I prepared gogonele jam. Initially I also wondered, how will it be? What will it taste like? Sweety ? I was in a dilemma, I didn't know what to do. I'm preparing or not gogonele jam& # 8230 How will my family react if I tell them what Sweety I'm going to prepare & # 8230

    Well, but I put my fears aside, went into kindergarten and picked it up gogonelele. I got home and got to work. I was also surprised by Sweety mine of gogonele& # 8230 I didn't think something good would come out, but I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. I sat down with the paper and pen to write down exactly all the ingredients and quantities I used to prepare this sweet . I don't talk anymore and I start writing directly jam recipe .

    Ingredients Gogonele jam :

    3 kg gogonele
    1 kg of old gelling agent Margaritar
    2 ampoules with vanilla essence
    2 lamai
    1 teaspoon preservative or salicylic powder (it is optional to use them)

    Preparation of Gogonele Jam :

    washing gogonelele and cut them into cubes (I used cherry tomatoes) or slice them after removing the middle of the wood. Gogonelele cut them we put them in a pan and let them boil for about 40 minutes covered with a lid. Stir in them as often as possible so as not to stick to the pan.

    This time gogonelele fierb. After 40 minutes, add the grated lemon peel and the squeezed juice. Put the sugar and vanilla vials and let it boil for another 10 minutes. Add preservative powder or willow. Mix and put the jam in jars.

    Staple and dry between the beds until the next day. If you do not want to use preservatives put Sweety in jars, staple then sterilize them for 30 minutes in a water bath and then place them between dry beds until the next day.

    Skillful pickles from Râureni

    In the autumn, the skilful gather. The most skilled housewives compete in the preparation of seasonal goodies. Recipes kept from grandparents, the best vegetables and jars suitable for pickling are waiting their turn.

    Everyone in the house helps to prepare the autumn pickles. Big commotion, agitation and eagerness to taste the most delicious gifts of nature. From cucumbers, donuts, gogonele, peppers, carrots or cauliflower to the most spicy ingredients, each ingredient has the role of perfecting the sweet and sour taste of pickles.

    Whether you choose to cook them in brine or vinegar, choose fresh, tender, meaty and juicy vegetables. Put all the love in the world in the preparation and then leave them to pickle. In a few weeks you will enjoy the good taste of pickled vegetables, which will lend a sweet and sour aroma to each dish.

    And because at Râureni we are good at preparing autumn goodies, today we thought of sharing with you little secrets from preparing pickles.

    How to have pickles in brine only good for any food?

    All you have to do is choose the right size of cucumbers from the garden, neither too small nor too big, and then add the required amount of brine. Add dill and salt and leave to pickle for 3-4 weeks. If you want the pickles to be ready faster, add boiling water over the vegetables. These will soften, allowing the vinegar and spices to penetrate faster.

    Thus, you will get jars of crispy pickles in brine, which you can serve as such, in sandwiches or as a side dish to food.

    How to enjoy assorted pickles in vinegar, tasty and cheerful?

    Use the freshest and most colorful vegetables. Assorted with mastery, they will surprise you with their rich aromas and will bring you the most unique tastes at the table.

    In addition to the variety of flavors and colors, the good taste of pickles matched in vinegar is given by the right combination of traditional spices. For example, if you want a sweet-sour hue, then put more mustard seeds and choose a strong vinegar.

    Play with gogonele, white cabbage, donuts, cauliflower, cucumbers, carrots and beets, to have jars as cheerful and tasty as possible.

    How to have very tasty vinegar donuts?

    The secret lies in choosing donuts. You have to take the most fleshy, red and very tender ones, preferably from the garden. The fresher and chubby the donuts are, the tastier the pickles will be.

    Don't forget to put the right amount of white wine vinegar and add a few mustard seeds, which will give the sweet taste of each donut, so that you can enjoy good pickles.

    The pickle jars from Râureni are ready for your pantry. Choose the ones you like and you will enjoy very tasty dishes during the long winter.

    Video: CASTRAVETI MURATI (January 2022).