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5 Floral Spirits You Should Be Drinking

5 Floral Spirits You Should Be Drinking

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Although plenty of bartenders are working with edible flower garnishes or infusing blooms into liqueurs, the following crop of liquors and liqueurs offer gentle floral notes without fuss. Try them in cocktails for nuanced flavors that suggest the best of a fresh spring bouquet.

1. Geranium Gin ($40)

Made in England, this London dry-style gin has a delicate, subtle floral cast, intertwining mild citrus aromatics with light rosewater sweetness and a brisk, slightly peppery finish.

2. Grand Poppy ($32)

From Greenbar Distillery, a Los Angeles producer of organic spirits, try this amaro-style liqueur for Negronis, Boulevardiers and more. Like its namesake bloom, it has a rosy hue and a mix of bitter and bold floral notes.

3. Hana Gin ($20)

Hana is Japanese for “flower,” as the orchid etched into the teardrop-shaped bottle of this gin suggests. Look for delicate, subtle white floral notes, finishing crisp and fresh. A versatile choice for mixing into classic cocktails.

4. Peony Vodka ($27)

This vodka with the lush bloom on the label has lightly sweet, lingering notes of marshmallow and coconut and just the faintest suggestion of white flowers on the smooth finish. The producer recommends this for vodka tonics.

5. Songbird Flora ($27)

From Bloomington, Ind., craft producer Cardinal Spirits, this golden liqueur mixes almond and vanilla sweetness with succulent raspberry and a playful floral lilt on the finish. It’s made with elderflower, jasmine and a touch of mouthwatering hibiscus.

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