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8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Vodka Could Be Made From

8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Vodka Could Be Made From

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Unlike whiskey or tequila, vodka can be distilled from well, pretty much anything. In addition to more standard potato and wheat bases, vodkas made from corn, whey and even fruit can now be found on the shelves. And yes: They all taste different.

1. Apples: Tree Vodka ($29)

Made in the Rochester, New York, area, this eau-de-vie-like vodka is made from New York State apples, and has a distinctly fruity note that evokes apple and banana.

2. Corn: Prairie Organic Vodka ($22)

No, it doesn’t taste like corn-based moonshine. It’s lightly sweet, finishing clean and refreshing.

3. Honey: COMB Vodka ($40)

From New York’s Hudson Valley, expect lush honey-apple tones.

4. Maple Sap: Vermont Gold Vodka ($43)

A light caramel aroma and gentle, sweet maple-y flavor makes this vodka a good base for sweeter-style cocktails.

5. Potato: RWB Vodka ($14)

This Houston-made potato vodka is robust and earthy, with a hint of grapefruit peel on the finish.

6. Quinoa: Fair Quinoa Vodka ($30)

Everyone’s favorite health food gets distilled into a delicate spirit with a slightly toasty, earthy flavor.

7. Rye: Belvedere Vodka ($45)

This Polish vodka is made from 100 percent rye, giving it a hit of rye whiskey-like spice.

8. Whey: Broken Shed Premium Vodka ($30)

Made in New Zealand, whey produces a full-bodied vodka with sweet notes of vanilla and a touch of anise on the finish.

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