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Justine Sterling is a New York-based writer and editor specializing in food, wine, and spirits.


  • Justine has written for Liquor.com since May 2020.
  • She received a B,.A. in English with a focus on creative writing from Dartmouth College and earned a graduate degree in journalism from NYU.
  • Justine's work has appeared in Food & Wine, Thrillist, VinePair and Michelin, among others.


Sterling has been writing about spirits, wine and food since 2007. She has also dabbled in the world of bartending, recipe development and wine sales. She primarily posts about food and cocktails on her Instagram @jksterling, but admits to photographing the occasional cat.


Sterling received a B.A. in English with a focus on creative writing from Dartmouth College. She went on to earn a master's in journalism from NYU.

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