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The sugar is mixed with flour and mixed with half of the cold milk. The remaining milk is boiled. When it boils, pour over it the composition of cold milk, little by little, stirring constantly with the whisk, until it thickens. Then add the butter and vanilla, leave to cool.

The coconut is spread in a thick layer in a tray (25x35 cm), then put a spoonful of vanilla cream, being careful not to spoil the coconut layer. It levels easily. Place the whipped cream on top, then sprinkle with chopped walnuts, not very fine.

Leave to cool for 2-3 hours, then cut into thin strips and roll carefully. Store in the refrigerator.

Turkish pizza

[preparation title = & # 8221Preparation & # 8221]
For the dough, rub, in a bowl, the yeast with the sugar, and when both ingredients dissolve, add 150 ml of warm water and a handful of flour.
Homogenize the mayo well and let it rise until it doubles in volume (10-15 minutes).
Sift 400 g of flour in another bowl and make a hole in the middle, where we will put the raised mayonnaise and some of the oil.
We keep the rest of the flour and oil for the final kneading.
Dissolve the salt in standing water (50 ml), rinse the bowl in which the mayo was, with this water and pour it over the ingredients in the bowl.
Mix everything well, at first with a spatula, gathering the flour from the edges, then when the dough hardens, knead it with floured hands.
Pour it on the floured table with the rest of the flour turned off and knead it well, then rinse our hands with oil and continue kneading until it no longer sticks and all the oil is incorporated.
We are careful not to make a very hard dough.
Let the dough rise until it doubles in volume.

For the filling, heat the oil and heat the chopped onion in it for a few minutes, then add the meat, sprinkle the salt over it and the spices and leave it on the fire until it is well prepared, stirring it from time to time.
Towards the end we add the tomato paste with the pepper, we mix everything well and we taste to see if we add more salt or spices.
After turning off the heat, add the chopped parsley and let the dish cool.
We will divide the raised dough into four parts that we will spread in oval or rectangular shapes, longer.
Divide the minced meat into four and spread each part of the meat on a sheet of dough, only in the middle.
We fold the edges of the dough inwards, forming a small boat.
Place the boats in a tray lined with baking paper and bake them at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

It was very good and filling, we liked it!

Have fun and good appetite!

Turkish baclava with walnuts & # 8211 video recipe

Have you tried this recipe? Follow me on @JamilaCuisine or tag #jamilacuisine!

You kept asking me for the Turkish baclava recipe. Unfortunately, I didn't get to do it. That's until I ask my group Facebook what dessert recipes would you like me to prepare for the next video recipe. The winner was the baclava recipe, so now I really had to make it. I really like baclava, so I could only be delighted. In addition, we chose a simple and easy way to make baklava, using fresh sheets of ready-made pies. Together with savarin, baclava is one of the syrupy desserts that I like the most, so it's a pleasure to share this recipe with you.

The Turkish baclava recipe is simple to make. The sheets are the hardest to make, because they have to be stretched very thin. For many, this can be tricky, so buying pie sheets is a great idea to make baklava quick and easy. I wanted this recipe to be as accessible as possible for everyone and to be made by anyone at home. You can also use frozen pie sheets, but you must leave them to thaw. The only problem would be that sometimes the sheets stick a little together and are difficult to unfold. The fresh ones are the best.

For the Turkish baclava recipe you don't need flavors or spices. I added a vanilla pod to the syrup, but usually nothing is added. In no case do we put cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg or other spice. The characteristic aroma of baclavala is given by butter and nuts. Speaking of nuts, you don't need a large amount of nuts and in addition you can replace it with pistachios. But pistachios are much more expensive, so I preferred walnuts because I like them very much anyway. You can also put almonds or a combination of the three.

Syrup is very important. Usually a syrup is made from equal amounts of sugar and water. From my point of view, there is a lot of sugar and I don't like baclava so sweet. I put half the amount of sugar and it was enough. If the baklava is hot, pour the cooled syrup over it, and if the baklava is cold, pour the hot syrup. Then let it syrup well and you can serve it. I cut it with a little ground pistachio, but you can also use walnuts. For another delicious dessert with walnuts, you can also try the recipe wasp nests, still syrupy and just as tasty.

About baigli and why it sometimes cracks when baked

In our house, baigli rolls have been made for at least 5-6 generations (for over 100 years) - I still caught baigli made by my great-grandmother and according to her recipe I still make it today. Very good! The beigli dough is tender! Although it contains yeast, the beigli dough is NOT left to rise but keep as cold as possible. The great-grandmother made it with a mixture of butter and lard and it was very fragile and tasty. That's what I did now.

The big problem for many housewives is that baigli rolls sometimes crack when baked. The Hungarian pastry masters did not find the explanation either. However, the quality of the ingredients used and the technique of preparing the dough for the baigli are very important.

For this reason I wanted to simplify the traditional baigli recipe & # 8211 to save you from nerves and frustrations (although I don't mind if it cracks a bit & # 8230 that's baigli!). When we simplify a recipe We do NOT distort or diminish the quality of the finished preparation (taste, texture, aroma) but we keep all its characteristics and walk only to the appearance. So we don't massacre classic genre recipes Amandine made after the ear with chocolate ganache instead of fondant or Diplomat cake and savarin replacing the cream for natural cream with vegetable dirt just because it doesn't cut! It's a sacrilege!

When I say Baigli Cake on the tray, I already know that I have a fragile dough with butter and lard, a little yeast, vanilla and grated lemon peel and generous poppy or walnut fillings boiled in milk. Also, I'm more than likely to encounter some raisins in the filling. I think that we are not allowed, much less us, the culinary bloggers, to make a cake that looks exactly like the original, to give it the original pompous name but to taste it to be completely different. That word: his fence is painted outside and jelly inside! It's called a scam.

It's like going to a restaurant to order pizza and get pancakes. What's more, he tries to convince you that it's better for you. There are many young people who read us and who are at the beginning of the road in the kitchen or readers who have not tasted / cooked a certain way before and have no landmark, I really do not know how it should be. All of them need to know what the authentic recipe of a certain preparation is (not the simplified one, fake). Not the other way around, but they may be disappointed from the start with the result of the fake preparation and never want to taste the original again.

Yes, in the past we simplified the Szekler cake recipe (kürtös kalacs) because the world does not have at home those cylinders that are used to bake them and we presented a variant baked in a tray (flat) but which has all the ingredients and taste of the original & # 8211 see here. The same is true of our friend Laura Laurentiu's eclair tray recipe (see here).

From these quantities results a baigli cake on a tray with walnuts and tender leaves of approx. 35 & # 21525 cm (can be up to 38 x 26 cm).

Recipe preparation method

Prepare the ingredients.

In a bowl, put warm water, dry yeast and sugar. If you use fresh yeast, liquefy it first.

Put the yeast in the bowl of the mixer, add the milk and oil.

Put flour, salt in the bowl and knead the dough. It must be soft.

The dough is placed in a place away from the current, covered with a damp kitchen towel, until it doubles in volume.
After the dough has doubled, take it out on the work table, on which the flour is sprinkled.
It is divided into 2 pieces of equal size.
Take a piece and put it on the tray. Set aside for 20 minutes.
When the time has expired, the piece of dough is formed by hand in a round shape.

Grease with the mixture of yolk + milk.

With the help of the fingers, the specific shape is given. First the outer circle is formed, then the lines are drawn.

The same is done with the second piece of dough.

Sprinkle sesame and nigella seeds on top.
Place the trays in the preheated oven and bake at 170 degrees for 20 minutes or until browned.

It is served with stews or soups, but also with some Greek yogurt sprinkled with za & # 8217taar.

Keto roll with cocoa

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen this brilliant roll, which is done without flour of any kind and of course) sugar free. I have prepared it countless times already and each time it was a mega success. With small changes, different tastes can be obtained. For example, they can be added to the cream berries, ground nuts or cocoa, and the surface of the roll can be covered with chocolate glaze. I urge you to try it too, it is really simple to prepare and it looks exceptional. It looks like you've been working on it for half a day, and I'm not talking about taste, it's amazing!
I used it for sweetening Green Sugar Premium, with double sweetening power. Thus, a very small amount was needed in the recipe. In addition, now all sorts of Green Sugar come in nice aluminum boxes, very comfortable, easy to store and recycle.

For a roll that can be cut into 10-12 slices

  • for countertop:
  • 6 eggs
  • 40 g Green Sugar Premium (or double quantity Classic Green Sugar)
  • 40 g of quality cocoa
  • for cream:
  • 200 g mascarpone or cream cheese
  • 50 ml cream for whipping cream
  • 20 g Green Sugar Premium (or double quantity Classic Green Sugar)

The eggs separate. Whisk the egg whites (if you have cream of tartar, use it) with half of the sweetener. Beat the yolks and froth with the rest of the sweetener for 2-3 minutes, until a frothy composition is obtained.

Incorporate the cocoa powder into the yolk foam with a whisk until smooth. Then put the beaten egg whites, a little at a time, stirring from the bottom up, so as not to leave the composition.

The obtained dough is spread evenly in a tray on baking paper, greased with a little butter. My tray had the dimensions of 28 * 38 cm. Place the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C for about 12 minutes. Remove the tray and leave to cool for a few minutes.

Then cover the top with cling film. Place a larger shredder over the tray and turn the tray over. The baking paper that was under the countertop is now on top. It will carefully come off the counter. If the paper has been greased with butter, you will have no problems.

Roll the top with the foil and leave to cool.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream by mixing the components.

Carefully unroll the cooled roll, grease the surface with cream and roll more tightly. The obtained roll is wrapped in foil and left to cool until the next day or at least for 3-4 hours.

It is sliced ​​and enjoyed, best on festive occasions.

TOTAL: 680 grams, 1529.3 calories, 63.5 protein, 134.1 fat, 14 carbohydrates, 0 fiber

Note: These calculations are approximate. If you follow a strict diet, I recommend you make your own calculations, starting from the concrete products used.

Roll of lamb with herbs

1. The meat is cleaned and adjusted from the knife so that we can roll it evenly. Finely chop the greens and mix with half of the finely crushed garlic, salt and pepper and olive oil, so as to obtain a thick paste of aromatic herbs.

2. Rub the meat well on one side with the obtained paste, roll it to obtain a roll, tie it like this from place to place, so that the roll holds well and is of equal size.

3. Peel the potatoes and cut the slices, make a bed of potatoes in the pan, season everything with salt and pepper, sprinkle the potatoes with a little olive oil and add the remaining crushed garlic over the potatoes and place the roll on top.

4. Pour a glass of water over the potatoes, cover with aluminum foil and place in the preheated oven at 200-220 ° C for one hour, then lower the foil and leave in the preheated oven at 150 ° C for 2 hours.

Cream and banana roll

1. For the dough, rub 4 egg yolks with the two types of sugar until you get a frothy cream, add a whole egg and mix well. Add the flour, little by little, and then the beaten egg whites. Pour the dough into the large stove tray, lined with greaseproof paper. Spread the dough with a spatula and bake for 10 minutes. After baking, remove with paper and cover with a clean kitchen towel, slightly damp.

2. For the cream, boil the sugar and water over low heat until a thick syrup is obtained, which is slowly poured over the yolks, stirring constantly until completely cooled. Add the butter, melted chocolate to the bain-marie and the essence. Mix well.

3. Unroll the roll and remove the paper, spread the roll lightly and fill it with cream on which the peeled bananas are placed. Roll back lightly and place on the serving platter.

4. Grease the roll with a layer of whipped cream and sprinkle with a fork with melted chocolate in a bain-marie. Let it cool until the next day.

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