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Classic French Fare at New York's Sel et Poivre

Classic French Fare at New York's Sel et Poivre

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In New York, there are few restaurants that make the ten-year mark, let alone the twenty-year. Sel et Poivre (853 Lexington Ave) has been serving classic French bistro cuisine since 1989, and is still going strong in its renditions of traditional Parisian dishes.

After opening the restaurant originally with her mom, Pamela Schienle and her husband Christian took over as the owners. Christian serves as the chef, wine director, and half-owner of the establishment, and acknowledges that the key to their happy husband-and-wife business is working on alternate days.

Entering Sel et Poivre off Lexington Avenue truly brings you into a little pocket of Paris. The 10-foot L-shaped oak bar features wooden barstools that have a charming vintage feel. Sit down and order a glass from the impressive international wine list. Christian suggested that I try the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, and though I hesitated for a second, the first sip convinced me that this man knew his wines. This was easily the best Sauv Blanc I'd ever tasted, so fruity and full bodied; I could see how this wine list could get dangerous quickly.

Food is served at the bar, but the romantic dining room enchants diners with a more intimate experience. The 65-seat dining room buzzes with a melange of company on a wintry weeknight: from grey-haired neighborhood regulars to a younger crowd sporting trendy clothes and colorful tattoos. High ceilings, candlelit tables with white linen tablecloths, and leather banquettes truly give off a Parisian vibe. Pale yellow walls are decorated with black-and-white framed family photographs as well as famous prints by European artists.

And of course, the classic, sophisticated atmosphere trickles straight down to the menu. The Fish Soup ($8.75) is a must try. Again, I was a bit skeptical, as a dish called Fish Soup leaves not much to the imagination (I envisioned a dead salmon floating in a bowl of broth), but the dish was truly fantastic. The pureed red snapper creates a fresh, flavorful, and light soup, that warms you with every sip. The dish is also served with bread, shredded Swiss cheese, and a homemade rouille –– a garlicky aioli with a peppery kick, which Christian jokes will certainly keep vampires out of the restaurant.

Salt and pepper –– or Sel et Poivre –– have never been touched during my dining experiences here. All the food is well-seasoned and naturally flavorful. Other tasty traditional dishes include Celery Root Remoulade with red beets ($8.95), various terrines of pate made in house, including venison and duck (M/P), and Escargots with garlic butter and herbs ($9.75). The restaurant's signature dish may very well be the Skate Fish with lemon, capers and basmati rice ($19.95). The fish is light and falls apart delicately in your mouth; the acidity of the lemon and pickled capers brings out the sweetness of the fish, making each bite delectable.

And don't forget to save room for the dessert du jour! The rich chocolate cake drizzled in raspberry sauce melts in your mouth and is a notable favorite.

Prices are certainly reasonable here; find excellent deals on the Two-Course Prix Fixe Lunch ($15.95), Three-Course Prix Fixe Dinner ($29.95), and the weekend brunch menu, which includes coffee and a choice of brunch cocktail ($15.95).

For a taste of France just off one of New York's iconic streets, step into Sel et Poivre.

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Des carottes, avec lardons, oignon, crème fraîche et œuf d'après une recette Marmiton. Accueil » Carottes à la carbonara. Une très bonne recette à base de Recettes de Carottes pour cookeo, Recettes de Légumes pour cookeo simple et rapide à faire avec le mode manuel de votre Cookeo. You can cook Carottes carbonara cookeo using 9 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Carottes carbonara cookeo

  1. It's of carottes.
  2. It's of jaunes d'oeufs.
  3. You need of jambon ou lardons.
  4. Prepare of cas huile d'olive.
  5. Prepare of pincée de sel.
  6. It's of pincée de poivre.
  7. You need of oignon.
  8. Prepare of crème liquide.
  9. Prepare of d'eau.

Pour réaliser cette recette spécialement adaptée pour votre robot Cookeo, vous allez devoir. Carottes carbonara Recette : Faire colorer les lardons. Mélanger puis mettre le tout dans le panier vapeur. Carottes carbonara, Une rencontre originale de deux classiques français - Ou comment faire manger facilement des carottes à ses enfants !

Carottes carbonara cookeo instructions

  1. En mode dorer, faire fondre l'oignon émincé dans l'huile d'olive. Ajoutez les carottes coupées en fines rondelles et le jambon. Mélangez et arrêtez le mode dorer..
  2. Renversez le contenu de la cuve dans le panier vapeur. Mettez leau dans la cuve, déposez le panier vapeur et lancez sous pression 6 min..

Pendant ce temps éplucher les carottes et les couper en rondelles. A la sonnerie, enlever le fouet et ajouter la crème fraîche, les lardons, l'oeuf, saler et poivrer. carottes carbonara cookeo Recette des Carottes à la carbonara au Cookeo, une recette très délicieuse pour votre plat en famille ou avec des amis. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème carottes cookeo, cookeo recette, recette. Couper les carottes et les courgettes en rondelles. Préparer tous les ingrédients Émincer l'oignon.


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Welcome to Vaucluse restaurant, Midtown West, New York City! Vaucluse serves sumptuous food and delicious drinks in a modern brasserie setting with a unique New York atmosphere. Vaucluse champions the unique Provençal joie de vivre. Chef Michael White and his team have created a menu showcasing French culinary tradition paired with urban flair. The Vaucluse menu is made up of accessible, traditional and original dishes in addition to popular daily specials inspired by classic French cuisine. The menu includes a raw bar, hors d&rsquooeuvres, seasonal dishes, hand-made pasta dishes, meat and fish dishes as well as plates to share and a series of daily specials which change from day to day. Vaucluse also boasts a vibrant bar with a wine list comprising an inspired collection of French and American wines and hand-made cocktails. Bonne dégustation NYC!

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French woman from Bordeaux I really love my city and my country and am very keen on making you discover this "French way of life". I am also very international as I used to study in Germany & lived in the UK and am now regularly travelling to Sydney where my brother, his wife and my gorgeous nephew live. I am here to bring both French & Australian cultures together, enjoy them, compare them, and take the best out of each country : focus on the wine of course ! (and spirits !) You are always French after all, no matter where you live. View all posts by Annesowine

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