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Omelet with cheese and dill with chickpea salad

Omelet with cheese and dill with chickpea salad

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When I opt for the omelet, I prepare it with an egg in addition to no. of portions, ie 5 eggs for 4 portions and beat them well with a whisk, to come out fluffy.

Next, add the grated cheese and finely washed and chopped dill, salt to taste and mix well.

Pour with the polish from the resulting composition, in a Teflon pan, and when it starts to rise on the edge, turn and brown on the other side. Thus prepare 4 omelets.

For the salad, wash the cucumbers, red onions and tomatoes, cut into thin slices. For a colorful salad, I used red, yellow and kumamoto cherry tomatoes, they have different textures and flavors. I added a cup of boiled chickpeas for extra flavor. I really like salads.

Preparation time: approx. 20 min

Cooking time: approx. 10 min

Portions: 4

Good appetite!

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