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11 Gluten-free Super Bowl Snacks

11 Gluten-free Super Bowl Snacks

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Don’t let gluten ruin the game plan

If you’re abiding by a gluten-free diet, try these day-day snacks!’

There was a time when it seemed as if everyone was allergic to peanuts, and then intolerant to lactose, and now it’s sensitivity to gluten. Gluten-free is not just for those with Celiac disease — or anyone who is sensitive to the protein produced by wheat and barley (mostly new world grains). It is also recognized as a healthy choice by many others, contributing to the rising popularity of gluten-free products and diets.

During parties, especially Super Bowl parties, chips, dips, pizza, beer and other wheat based treats are the mainstays of the game day snack tray, and perhaps the only things taking a way from the game in high def. But for those who are sensitive to gluten, these party goodies — with wheat products at every turn, tucked into hot dogs, and sneaking in dips and other unexpected food items can spoil the party.

With gluten making surprise appearances in so many snack foods, those guests with sensitivities or dietary restrictions will be spending the night reading the fine print of the ingredients rather than yelling at the quarterback when he fumbles the snap. Throwing a gluten-free Super Bowl party doesn’t have to be a downer or even difficult. There is an amazing array of game day snacks without gluten that are easy to prepare and tasty too — shrimp cocktail, a hearty quinoa salad, or even sweet potato fries, just to name a few.

If you are a fastidious host you could make your own gluten-free snacks for your Super Bowl party. But there are many commercially available gluten-free essentials (the chips, the dips, crackers and hotdogs). Because really, what is game day without a giant bowl of chips and dip, a piping hot pizza, a cold one, or even scrumptious desserts? Do not let gluten ruin the game plan.

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