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California Beer Meets Manhattan Beach at 'Waves of Grain' Beerfest

California Beer Meets Manhattan Beach at 'Waves of Grain' Beerfest

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April's beerfest kicks off summer of brews

Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach.

The first of many beer festivals as the weather warms up: Shade Hotel's "Waves of Grain" Beerfest this April.

Nearly 25 Californian breweries will show off their brews at this event. On the list are Bootleggers Brewery from Fullerton, Golden Road Brewing from Los Angeles, Hangar 24 Craft Brewery from Redlands, and Strand Brewing Company from Torrance. As for the food, much loved taco truck Mucho Ultima Mexicana will offer bites, as well as barbecue tri-tip sandwiches, turkey and beef burgers, and pretzel bites from Shade's own restaurant and lounge, [email protected] Proceeds from the event will go to the Roadhouse Aquarium, an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting research of Southern California's oceans, tidelands, and beaches.

If you need more reasons to grab a brew, consider the location: the luxury Manhattan Beach boutique hotel, Shade, has a tempting Skydeck bar and pool. Just two blocks away is the beach, plus upscale dining and shopping.

Up on the docket for more California beer festivals: the West Coast Brewer's Festival in Sacramento in May, Monterey Beer Festival in June, California Beer Festival in Santa Cruz in July, and more. We'll raise a glass in anticipation.

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