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Garlic mozzarella panini recipe

Garlic mozzarella panini recipe

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Lovely garlicky, cheesy bread, great as a starter or accompaniment to an Italian meal. For a light lunch or brunch, add baby roasted tomatoes and green salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dress, or simply with a squeeze of lemon juice and little olive oil.

3 people made this

IngredientsServes: 2

  • 2 panini, halved lengthways
  • 125g sliced mozzarella cheese
  • 1 or 2 garlic cloves, crushed
  • olive oil, for brushing
  • salt and black pepper, to taste

MethodPrep:5min ›Cook:20min ›Ready in:25min

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 C / Gas 4.
  2. Lay the panini halves on a baking tray and lightly brush with olive oil. Layer on top with sliced mozzarella cheese and crushed or sliced garlic.
  3. Bake in oven for 15 to 20 minutes until mozzarella cheese has melted and is just starting to brown and bubble.


Simple recipe, but you could dress it up with a hint of chilli, or use a tomato relish with it.
To adjust the recipe for 2 people as starter or accompaniment to meal, use 1 panini halved.

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Herb and Garlic Panini

This Mediterranean flavored sandwich will leave you begging for more.


  • 1 (2.6 oz.) Pouch - Tuna Creations® Herb & Garlic
  • 2 thick slices Italian bread
  • 1tsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 marinated artichoke heart, quartered
  • 2 oil-soaked sun-dried tomatoes, sliced into strips
  • Baby spinach leaves
  • 1 slice Mozzarella Cheese


  • Brush one side of each slice of bread with olive oil.
  • Top with the tuna, artichoke hearts, tomato slices, spinach leaves and cheese. Place second slice of bread (with olive oil on the outside) on top of cheese.
  • Place sandwich on preheated sandwich grill and grill until bread is browned and cheese is melted.

Recipe Nutrition Information

When using 1 (2.6 oz.) Pouch - Tuna Creations® Herb & Garlic

Servings Per Container: 1
When using 1 (2.6 oz.) Pouch - Tuna Creations® Herb & Garlic Serving Size: 1 sandwich
Amount Per ServingDV%*
Total Fat19g29% 19g
Saturated Fat5g25% 5g
Cholesterol45mg15% 45mg
Sodium1190mg50% 1190mg
Total Carbohydrate45g15% 45g
Dietary Fiber6g24%
Sugars3g 3g
Vitamin A 120%
Vitamin C 50%
Calcium 30%
Iron 25%

*The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

Grilled Chicken and Mozzarella Panini

This is a delicious grilled chicken panini recipe that is fast and easy to make. Use boneless, skinless chicken breasts for lean protein that is well-seasoned and scented with rosemary and garlic. The chicken breasts can be grilled ahead of time and then used to make slices for sandwiches for the next couple of days. As well, the grilled chicken can also be added to salads for another quick and healthy dinner or lunch.

As for the sandwich itself, you may have a panini maker or George Foreman grill that you like to use. But you can also use the old-school method and press it right there on your gas or charcoal grill. While you could simply grill it without pressing it, for a real panini feel you need a weight. There are cast iron tools such as a grill press or bacon press that work well for this, sitting on top of the sandwich. But an equally effective tool is a clean brick wrapped in a couple of layers of aluminum foil. You will need oven mitts to manipulate the hot weight or brick.

Mozzarella & Pepperoni Panini

A deliciously crispy, cheesy Mozzarella & Pepperoni Panini thing to be exact.

It’s gonna be just like a pepperoni pizza, but not…

I started by making a flavored oil – crushed garlic, herbs, a little snp – and painting it on a nice, fresh baked ciabatta.

Then I layered that with the fresh mozzarella and pepperoni.

And popped the whole thing into my trusty panini press

Sixish minutes later we had a couple of awesomely crispy and melty Mozzarella & Pepperoni Paninis.

Paired with a nice bowl of Cold Tomato Basil Bisque it made for a darn fine dinner on this unseasonably hot spring evening.

50 Panini

Build your perfect sandwich with these hot-off-the-press ideas from Food Network Magazine.

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©Marcus Nilsson -

Marcus Nilsson -

How to Cook Panini
In a panini press: Preheat the press. Add your sandwich and cook according to the manufacturer's instructions until golden and crisp, 3 to 5 minutes.

On the stove: Preheat a skillet with butter or oil to medium low. Add your sandwich, then press a heavy pan on top to weigh it down. Cook until golden and crisp, 3 to 4 minutes per side.

1. Caprese Brush the inside of a split sub roll or sliced Italian bread with olive oil. Fill with 2 slices each fresh mozzarella and tomato, and a few basil leaves season with salt and pepper. Press and cook until golden.

2. Smoked Caprese Make Caprese Panini (No. 1) with smoked mozzarella.

3. Eggplant-Mozzarella Make Caprese Panini (No. 1) with smoked or fresh mozzarella replace the tomato with grilled eggplant slices.

4. Anchovy Caprese Make Caprese Panini (No. 1), adding 1/2 chopped anchovy fillet and a sprinkle of capers to the sandwich.

5. Prosciutto Caprese Make Caprese Panini (No. 1), adding 3 thin slices prosciutto and some shaved Parmesan to the sandwich.

6. Pesto Turkey Make Caprese Panini (No. 1) brush the inside of the roll with pesto instead of olive oil and add 3 or 4 slices roasted turkey breast to the sandwich.


©Marcus Nilsson -

Marcus Nilsson -

7. Chicken Saltimbocca Brush the inside of a split ciabatta roll with pesto. Fill with sliced grilled chicken, fontina and prosciutto, and chopped fresh sage. Press and cook until golden.

8. Apple-Manchego Brush the inside of a split soft roll with olive oil and quince paste or fig jam. Fill with sliced apple and manchego cheese season with salt. Press and cook until golden.


©Marcus Nilsson -

Marcus Nilsson -

9. Chorizo-Pear Make Apple-Manchego Panini (No. 8) with sliced pear instead of apple add sliced Spanish chorizo to the sandwich.


©Marcus Nilsson -

Marcus Nilsson -

10. Roast Beef–Onion Spread Dijon mustard on 2 thick slices of sourdough bread. Layer shredded Gruyere, sliced roast beef, caramelized onions and more Gruyere between the bread. Press and cook until golden.

11. Three-Meat Brush the inside of a split Italian roll with olive oil. Fill with sliced soppressata, capicola, salami, fontina and roasted red peppers. Press and cook until golden.

12. Bacon-Date Brush the inside of a split French roll with olive oil and spread with soft goat cheese. Fill with chopped dates and crisp bacon. Press and cook until golden.

13. Grilled Veggie Brush the inside of a split ciabatta roll with pesto. Fill with slices of grilled eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash and roasted red peppers. Add 2 slices fresh mozzarella and a few basil leaves. Press and cook until golden.

14. Serrano-Fig Brush the inside of a split piece of baguette with olive oil and fig jam. Fill with thinly sliced serrano ham and manchego cheese. Press and cook until golden.

15. Three-Cheese Brush the inside of a split ciabatta roll with pesto. Fill with a few slices each of mozzarella, fontina and asiago. Add a few basil leaves. Press and cook until golden.

16. Sun-Dried Tomato Make Three-Cheese Panini (No. 15) with sun-dried tomato pesto. Add baby spinach instead of basil.

17. Mortadella-Ricotta Mix 2 tablespoons ricotta with some salt, pepper, and chopped thyme and parsley. Brush the insides of 2 slices crusty Italian bread with olive oil. Fill with the ricotta and sliced mortadella press and cook until golden.

18. Mortadella-Artichoke Make Mortadella-Ricotta Panini (No. 17), adding grilled marinated artichoke hearts.

19. Mushroom-Taleggio Brush the inside of a split crusty Italian roll with olive oil season with salt and pepper. Fill with sauteed mixed mushrooms and sliced onion. Add sliced taleggio cheese. Press and cook until golden.


©Marcus Nilsson -

Marcus Nilsson -

20. BBQ Fill a soft sesame roll with pulled pork, shredded cheddar and charred red onion. Press and cook until golden.

21. Sausage-Feta Cut a pocketless pita round in half and brush both halves with olive tapenade. Sandwich with sliced, cooked spicy sausage, roasted red peppers and crumbled feta. Press and cook until golden.

22. Spicy Steak Lightly spread mayonnaise on the inside of a split onion roll. Fill with thinly sliced cooked steak and season with salt top with shredded pepper jack cheese. Press and cook until golden.

23. Apple-Brie Spread Dijon mustard on the inside of a split piece of baguette. Fill with sliced Brie and thinly sliced green apple. Press and cook until golden.

24. Reuben Spread Thousand Island dressing on 2 slices rye bread. Layer sliced Swiss cheese, corned beef, sauerkraut and more cheese between the bread. Press and cook until golden.

25. Tofu Reuben Thinly slice baked tofu and sear in a skillet with olive oil until golden. Make Reuben Panini (No. 24) using tofu instead of corned beef.

26. Italian Melt Drizzle the inside top half of a split sub roll with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Layer sliced provolone, salami, ham, turkey, pepperoncini and more provolone on the roll. Press and cook until golden.

27. Fajita Melt Brush the inside of a split sub roll with olive oil. Fill with sliced grilled chicken, sauteed peppers and onions, and shredded pepper jack cheese. Press and cook until golden.

28. Mexican Melt Make Fajita Melt (No. 27) with sliced roast beef instead of chicken. Press and cook until golden.

29. Steak-Gruyère Mix equal parts mayonnaise and horseradish. Stir in some chopped parsley. Spread on the inside of a split piece of baguette. Fill with thinly sliced cooked steak and sliced Gruyère. Press and cook until golden.

30. Jerk Swordfish Sprinkle 4 ounces swordfish with jerk seasoning grill. Spread mango chutney and mayonnaise on the inside of a split soft egg roll. Fill with the fish, sliced jalapenos and shredded pepper jack cheese. Press and cook until golden.

Grilled Vegetable Panini

Grilling is one my favorite ways to prepare vegetables. Anything that adds flavor to vegetables I am all for. When vegetables are cooked on the grill they get a smokey caramelized flavor. They are tender but still have a slight crunch to them. No mushy vegetables here. Who needs meat when roasted vegetables are so good? I serve them as a side, on sandwiches or tossed in a salad .

This Grilled Vegetable Panini is a healthy lunch or dinner option. A quick meatless dinner that can be made in less than 30 minutes!

This panini is loaded with grilled vegetables and smeared with a homemade Italian herb oil. It is all served on a crusty baguette.

This sandwich is so simple yet tastes amazing! An easy grilled panini made in no time.

This serves two very hungry people. I load up the sandwiches with lots of veggies. Both sides of the bread get a smear of an easy Italian herb oil made with dried Italian herbs and good quality extra virgin olive oil.

I don’t have a panini press or an outdoor grill. I instead use a indoor cast iron grill to cook the vegetables. After I assemble the sandwiches I place them back on the grill and weigh the sandwich down with a large cast iron skillet. I place parchment paper between the sandwich and the pan to keep them from sticking. This gives the sandwich a nice crunch when you bite into it and ensures the cheese is nice and melted when it’s time to serve.

The combination of the grilled vegetables, gooey mozzarella and crisp bread makes this sandwich ultra savory.

To make this Grilled Vegetable Panini start by tossing the chopped vegetables with extra virgin olive oil. Add to a hot grill or cast iron grill and cook until caramelized and tender. Takes about 5 minutes on each side. Take off of the grill and assemble your sandwich. Start by smearing the Italian herb oil on each side of the bread. Load each sandwich with grilled vegetables and top with sliced mozzarella. Place back of the grill and cook until cheese has melted 2-3 minutes on each side. Weight the sandwich down with a cast iron skillet or a brick covered in aluminum foil. You can also use a cast iron burger press.

Squash and eggplant can be substituted in this panini. I also like to add hummus or pesto inside for a twist.

Three Cheese, Tomato Panini with Fresh Basil and Garlic Spread

It may seem like a no-brainer, but with three types of ooey, gooey cheese, juicy, ripe tomato slices, and fragrant basil layered between crunchy artisan bread, this panini recipe is nothing short of brilliant. Use seasonal and local (or homegrown!) heirloom tomatoes and basil in this sandwich for a true summertime experience. Pair it with a glass of chilled white wine or some freshly brewed summery iced tea.

Use an herbed fresh goat cheese instead of Boursin if you𠆝 like. We&aposve got a great recipe for homemade goat cheese if you&aposre feeling really ambitious!


garlic-and-herb cheese spread such as Boursin, 3 Tbsp
mozzarella cheese, 2 oz, thinly sliced
provolone cheese, 2 oz, thinly sliced
crusty country-style bread, 4 slices, each about 1/2 inch thick
olive oil, 1 Tbsp
ripe but firm tomato, 4 thin slices
fresh basil leaves, 6 large

1. Preheat the sandwich grill. Brush 1 side of each bread slice with oil, then spread the unoiled sides with cheese spread, dividing it evenly. On 2 of the bread slices, layer half of the mozzarella and half of the provolone, then the tomato slices and basil leaves, dividing them evenly. Divide the remaining mozzarella and provolone on top. Place the remaining 2 bread slices on top, cheese sides down, and press gently.

2. Place the panini in the grill, close the top plate, and cook until the bread is golden and toasted and the cheese is melted, 3𠄵 minutes. Serve.

"Wonderful roast beef sandwich with tasty au jus! Made this as written except for scaling it back for one serving and using provolone cheese. This is something I need to add to my lunch rotations! Thanks for sharing the recipe.”

Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Panini Recipe

A classic Italian caprese salad is reinvented as bright-flavored panini…and it’s not just for vegetarians either. Sweet heirloom tomatoes and creamy, melted fresh mozzarella are accented by fresh basil and a hint of lemon zest and olive oil on a French baguette. The result is a satisfying medley of flavors that’s quick and easy to enjoy any day of the week.

1 French baguette, halved lengthwise
2-3 fresh basil leaves
1 heirloom tomato (or other tomato of your choice), sliced into 1/4″ slices
Lemon zest
2 slices fresh mozzarella cheese
Extra-virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper

Preheat panini grill to medium-high heat (375 degrees).

Drizzle olive oil inside both halves of the baguette. On the bottom half, layer basil leaves and tomatoes. Season tomatoes with salt, pepper and lemon zest. Add mozzarella and top half of baguette.

Grill sandwich for 5-6 minutes until cheese is melted. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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Not putting Olive oil on the inside of my sandwhich was probably my mistake earlier today. Thanks for the recipe with the specific ingredients, very helpful. Cheers, Josh

Looks great and simple at the same time. I will give it a try soon.

Hi, All your recipes are awesome!! I was just wondering if there is a substitute in case I do not have fresh basil at hand? Can I use dried or frozen? Which one is better & close to the fresh basil?

Hi Preethi – thanks so much! Well, fresh basil really is ideal for this sandwich, but you could give frozen a try. Dried basil has a slightly different flavor – I imagine it would still taste good, it wouldnjust be a little different.

wow, this recipe is awesome… cant wait to give it a try. Do you have to use a panini grill or can you use any grill – such as an oven grill?

Recipe Summary

  • 1 (12-ounce) loaf French bread, cut in half horizontally
  • ¼ cup reduced-fat mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil
  • 1 cup (4 ounces) shredded fresh mozzarella cheese, divided
  • 2 ounces very thin slices prosciutto
  • 2 plum tomatoes, thinly sliced
  • Cooking spray

Hollow out top and bottom halves of bread, leaving a 1/2-inch-thick shell reserve torn bread for another use. Spread 2 tablespoons mayonnaise over cut side of each bread half. Sprinkle basil and 1/2 cup cheese on bottom half of loaf. Top evenly with prosciutto, tomato slices, and remaining 1/2 cup cheese. Cover with top half of loaf. Cut filled loaf crosswise into 4 equal pieces.

Heat a grill pan over medium heat. Coat pan with cooking spray. Add sandwiches to pan. Place a cast-iron or other heavy skillet on top of sandwiches press gently to flatten sandwiches. Cook 3 minutes on each side or until bread is toasted (leave cast-iron skillet on sandwiches while they cook).