Breakfast Hot Dogs

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The perfect party breakfast. A great way to start the day!MORE+LESS-

Updated March 8, 2017


red onion sliced thin


cup mixed greens or lettuce


tablespoon unsalted butter


tablespoons sriracha hot sauce (optional)

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    Take each hot dog and wrap it in a strip of thick bacon. Lay the wrapped hot dogs on a baking sheet. Bake the hot dogs at 350°F for 15-20 minutes until the bacon is very crispy.

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    Toast your hot dog buns and prepare your onions, lettuce, and any other toppings you want.

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    Add butter to a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Once butter is simmering and hot, crack in four eggs. Cook eggs for 2 minutes on the first side until the whites are mostly cooked. Carefully flip eggs to and cook for just 15 seconds on the second side. Remove eggs from heat.

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    Add an egg to each hot dog bun along with a bacon wrapped hot dog. Top with lettuce and red onions and a drizzle of hot sauce. Serve immediately!

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More About This Recipe

  • When is it completely acceptable to have a hot dog for breakfast?I’ll tell you when. Any time you plan on doing nothing but drinking beer and/or watching sports all day long. In other words, when tailgating.We are deep in the heart of March Madness right now, generally seen as one of the best times of the year for sports lovers. It’s important that you eat a hearty breakfast to soak up some of those beers and also give you lots of energy to deal with the heartbreaking buzzer beater that will shred your brackets.The breakfast hot dog is the breakfast of champions...watchers.There’s not a lot to this dog – which is good because you have sports to watch, after all. The key is taking each hot dog and carefully wrapping it in a strip of thick cut bacon.There are a ton of topping options for these guys, but I would keep it simple if I were you. I just cut up some red onions and lettuce and had some mustard, ketchup, and hot sauce at the ready for people who wanted it.You can let people make their own, just like a normal dog. I recommend piling on a few toppings and giving it a good drizzle of hot sauce.When the egg breaks and the yolk runs all over the place, it’s messy. But it’s also delicious.So fry up a few of these, crack open some beers, and get ready for some March Madness!

The Ultimate Breakfast Hot Dog

"This unique breakfast recipe will have your family running to the table! Made with cheese, hot dog, hash browns, tomato, egg and bacon, this is one breakfast recipe that is good any time of the day!"

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I adore hot dogs and quirky toppings for them, but I never thought of combining them with breakfast, lol! This photograph convinced me, though. This looks soooo good.

You bet! This Ultimate Breakfast Hot Dog is good any time of the day as it is very filling with all the yummy ingredients in it, and packed with proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals that the body needs in one day. So, the Roosevelt Family would always prepared this very filling breakfast fare. Great!

It's Sunday morning, why not have some fun with the kids for breakfast. The Ultimate Breakfast Hot Dog will absolutely delight them. They're fun to look at, and fun to eat. I will admit I used frozen shoestring potatoes and it worked out fine. The breakfast hot dogs. tasted great, the kids loved them, they were fun to eat. Sunday morning breakfast was a real treat this week.

This is an all in one kind of meal. As part of a sandwich, I have always cooked my eggs through, but they would make a less dry sandwich if you were not using condiments. I think sausage links would be good or another type of sausage, but a plain hot dog? I am not so sure.

I LOVE hot dogs and never would have thought of eating them for breakfast! This would be delicious with real beef hotdogs or even Italian sausage or regular breakfast sausage.

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Ingredients for bomblicious breakfast

Eggs . Eggs offer high-quality protein and are an exceptional source of key vitamins including vitamin D, vitamin B12, choline, vitamin A, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin E (selenium and zinc), phosphorus and folic acid. Eggs have had a bad reputation in the past because of the cholesterol in the yolk, however, it is increasingly accepted that yolk cholesterol does not clog arteries and is not related to heart diseases. Today, the yolk is classified as good cholesterol.

Egg consumption is beneficial for those suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Scientists claim it is good for the brain, improving memory, concentration, balancing mental and emotional state. In addition, it offers protection against anemia. But most important is that eggs are super delicious and can be cooked in so many ways and combined with a wide range of products to get beautiful and delicious meals.

Mushrooms . Mushrooms may seem trivial, but they are indeed superfoods because they do not contain any fat, sugar or salt. At the same time, these are a valuable source of fiber, vitamins B (B1, B2, B3, B6) and folic acid.

Moreover, different types of mushrooms are easily found in any grocery store at very convenient prices. And because mushrooms have just been classified as superfoods, maybe we should pay more attention to them. For that reason, mushrooms have a special role in this breakfast recipe I have brought to your attention today. Sautéed mushrooms with garlic are the easiest way to cook it yet the result is tantalizingly delicious. Moving forward.

Hot Dogs . I can’t talk about how valuable hot dogs are to human health, I can’t lie to you about that. However, I can surely talk about these being so damn good and these adding extra flavor to the breakfast. Hot dogs are super fast and easy to cook. In this breakfast recipe, I included frankfurters for their meaty juiciness and because they’re a great partner to the eggs.

Now let’s proceed to the second plan actors of this play called bomblicious breakfast.

Cream-cheese . You’ll need cream-cheese Philadelphia is my choice when doing grocery.

French bread or any other bread you like. Bread is a great source of carbohydrates you need to get your for daily energy. You can opt for whole-grain bread if you want a healthier variant of breakfast.

Cherry tomatoes . These sour-sweet vegetables are more than welcome in this recipe as they are the ones responsible to give a touch of freshness to the plate. Cherry tomatoes are also an excellent source of antioxidants, the substances that prevent from getting old (so that you know).

Consuming breakfast in the morning increases the supply of nutrients that the body and the brain need for a better concentration. When our brain receives the necessary nutrients, it will function optimally throughout the day. Therefore, follow my breakfast recipe to stay focused and healthy!

The Case for the Humble Breakfast Hot Dog

I&aposm from Chicago, have roots in the South, and thanks to my grandmother, I grew up eating hot dogs for breakfast. Though my hometown has its own style of wiener that it&aposs known for, I&aposm not referring to Chicago-style hot dogs in the a.m. (I wouldn&apost necessarily turn my nose up at one, either.) I&aposm talking about the humble hot dog that would serve as a stand-in for your more standard breakfast meats at my family&aposs table.

Sometimes there was bacon and other times we had sausage, but hot dogs were served with some frequency. Most often they would be saut whole in a skillet with some vegetable oil and served alongside home fries, scrambled eggs, and buttered toast. (At my parents&apos house they tended to be of the standard variety, whereas my grandmother usually opted for turkey franks.) These three items�ompanied by the meat du jour—is what I tend to associate with the breakfasts of my childhood.

When I think of hot dogs for breakfast, I picture sitting at my grandmother&aposs dining room table with a plate of sweetened rice and a griddled wiener or two. I&aposm sure she made other things for breakfast, but this salty-sweet combo is the meal that comes to mind immediately. I remember my grandmother preparing it those times I was sick from school and my mother dropped me off at her house, or after I would stay the night for one of our grandmother-grandson sleepovers.

Though part of the reason I enjoyed spending time at her house was because she had cable, looking back, I realize I also enjoyed just being in her company. Like the archetypal black grandmother, mine is strong, loving, and wise. I could feed off of her presence alone, hoping at least a portion of her wisdom would permeate my psyche. The lessons she instilled began at a young age, but is something I&aposve become more astutely aware of with over the year, especially as she approaches her 90th birthday in a few short weeks.

My family&aposs story is similar to that of many African-Americans who have been in this country for generations. My father&aposs mother grew up in rural Arkansas before partaking in the Great Migration in search of greater opportunity and racial equality. Despite leaving the Jim Crow South and the improvements that came with it, the fact remained that many African-Americans were (and are) still poor.

I brought up the question of why our family ate hot dogs for breakfast with my father, uncle, and grandmother, and my uncle burst in with a response before I could finish my sentence: "Hot dogs are a cheap way to feed a bunch of kids." My grandmother is one of six and she herself had seven children, so when it comes to feeding a family the size of a small army, breakfast hot dogs are much more economical than bacon.

In a quest to see if this delicacy is shared outside of my kin, I took to Facebook with a poll. Though some were appalled simply by the idea, 37% of the 111 respondents said that they too had eaten hot dogs for breakfast. While a couple of my friends just really love hot dogs and eat them any time of the day, I also learned that they are very common in Mexican and Filipino breakfasts. Huevos con weenies is a standard dish for Mexican kids featuring scrambled eggs and ketchup, and the sausages are commonly served with eggs and rice in the Philippines. Others mentioned cooking them in an omelet sautéing sliced frankfurters with onion, barbecue sauce, and ketchup to be eaten alongside a piece of toast and enjoying hot dogs used as part of the kolache filling in Texas doughnut shops.

Perhaps it is shame, related to being poor, that has prevented people from exploring the idea of morning wieners in depth until now. Or the fear of being labeled strange has discouraged others from proclaiming their love for frankfurters at dawn. Shame, class, and food are so tightly intertwined and can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, but it seems that, though there is still much work to be done, there is some improvement that&aposs been made on this front. In the age of organic this and all-natural that, it&aposs thanks to respected publications and prominent figures proclaiming their love for cheap, processed foods—such as Velveeta, instant ramen and Spam—that the tides are turning on what is cool, or even just acceptable, to consume.

Though I&aposm sure most would love to eat a diet primarily consisting of organic, free-range, artisanal, GMO-free, and locally-sourced food, the fact remains that doing so is unattainable for a large swath of the population. When we neglect to share stories about what countless people are actually eating in order to focus on sensationalist tales of mouth cooking and breadfacing, we are inherently making a value judgement. Eating hot dogs for breakfast should be the least of our worries.

Breakfast Hot Dogs - Recipes

Sausage, Cheese & Jalapeño Kolache from Old Towne Kolaches in Houston, Texas.

Unless you’re from Texas, you’ve probably never heard of Kolaches, a delectable breakfast snack as common in the Lone Star State as bagels and cream cheese are in New York. Traditional kolaches (pronounced KO-LA-CHEESE) are sweet, flat yeast rolls filled with fruit jam, poppy seed paste or soft cheese.

Kolaches are said to have been introduced stateside by Czech immigrants in regions like Eastern and Central Texas. The term has also come to refer to a savory variety stuffed with items like mini-sausages, cheese and jalapeño. The slightly sweet roll is best eaten warm, with the gooey cheese melted all around the salty sausage.

Some believe this non-sweet adaptation on the pastry that is widely popular across Texas, to be the result of Americanization. Others maintain that the correct term for the variety is Klobasnek, a distinct albeit similar item whose name translates in Czech to “Pig in a Blanket.” Most call it a good excuse to eat hot dogs for breakfast.

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