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Watch: Musician Linsey Pollak Plays a Clarinet He Made Out of a Carrot

Watch: Musician Linsey Pollak Plays a Clarinet He Made Out of a Carrot

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Linsey Pollak can make an instrument out of pretty much anything, including his own food

It's a clarinet made out of a carrot!

During the TEDxSydney presentations this summer, Australian musician and inventive instrument-maker Linsey Pollak showed the crowd how to build the body of a clarinet with a carrot.

Though you still need a standard mouthpiece and bell, you, too, can create an instrument out of the humble root vegetable.

You’ll need a drill and a relatively thick carrot (and probably several backup carrots), among other things. We haven’t tried this yet ourselves, but we do welcome any reader feedback from those who feel the urge to root around the vegetable drawer after this video.

Watch the video below for Pollak’s demonstration and check out his incredible portfolio for instructions on how to build a carrot clarinet, and do check out all the other strange things he’s used to build instruments, like a watering can, baseball bat, rubber glove, and a garden hose.

If you’d just like to hear Pollak play, skip ahead to 4:15 and enjoy the soulful sounds of a carrot clarinet.

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