Pork in wine sauce

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Cut the onion into thin slices and put in a frying pan in olive oil.

Add the slices of meat, add water and cover with a lid to boil.

When the juice has dropped, add the wine, spices and crushed garlic.

The meat turns on both sides.

Serve with mashed potatoes

Meat recipes & icircn combinations with imposed ingredients, cooked by competitors from Chef Cătălin Scarlătescu's team

Cristi Boca, av & acircnd as a secondary ingredient ginger, cooked an interesting Duck breast recipe with cauliflower puree, curry sauce and marinated carrots & ginger icircn. This already beloved competitor also received maximum appreciations.

Duck breast with cauliflower puree, curry sauce and marinated carrots & icircn ginger prepared by Cristian Boca

Robert Vasiliu, alias Rgnar, cooked a little uninspired, this time, a recipe for chicken skewers with honey, tzatziki sauce and french fries, with yogurt as the required ingredient. Unfortunately, he was the competitor who left the competition.

Chicken skewers with honey, tzatziki sauce and french fries & ndash Robert Vasiliu

Paul Maxim he chose to cook, with the required ingredient grapes, o duck breast recipe with pasta puree & acircrnac with vanilla, pasta chips & acircrnac and grape sauce. Unfortunately, the chefs did not find the taste of the grapes in its plate, which, on the other hand, looked very good. He received the minimum score, but went further saved by Chef Scarlatescu's amulet.

Duck breast with pasta puree & acircrnac with vanilla, pasta chips & acircrnac and grape sauce & ndash Paul Maxim

Cătălin Rizea cooked a duck breast recipe with melon sauce and mashed potatoes, av & acircnd as a secondary ingredient watermelon. And he gave him the required ingredient that doesn't really match the meat and doesn't keep its taste after cooking, & icircnsă the dish was quite tasty and received the vote to go on with a pretty high score.

Method of preparation

2 hours until the meat softens very well and the sauce decreases. Add sour cream, straighten the taste of salt, pepper and simmer for another 15 minutes. The food is ready. I felt the need to add a little hot paprika and a granulated garlic powder. In the bath I put two crushed bay leaves. I decorated with parsley, thyme and a few slices of carrot from the soup. Good appetite.

Chicken ciulama with mushrooms

Cut the breast into cubes, season and lightly fry until it changes color. Separated

Poultry liver stew

Washed liver, put it in the fridge, in a bowl with milk for 30 '. Chop the onion, garlic

Pork with Wine Sauce

In a saucepan put the red wine, grated peel of a lemon, 2 sprigs of rosemary, salt, pepper and onion, onion that was previously chopped. Leave the sauce to boil until it drops considerably, then add a piece of butter (approx. 25g) and mix. Strain the sauce and leave to cool.

After the sauce is ready, you can prepare the meat.
So, in a pan, put a little olive oil, 2 sprigs of rosemary and pork, cut into pieces. Leave the meat to fry on one side and on the other, then put 150 ml of water.

Leave it to boil until the water drops completely, and the meat is fried evenly on both sides. If the meat is not soft, after the 150ml of water, you can add more water and let it boil until it is soft.

Then the apples are prepared. So, the apples are cleaned, cut into cubes and put in a saucepan with a little butter and salt. Leave an idea to fry, then extinguish it with white wine. Leave it on the fire until the wine decreases, then you can serve it.

Pork, with wine sauce and apples, can be served immediately. they are amazing, a little warm.

A delicious sauce and spaghetti with pork

Here's what you need for a romantic dinner and some delicious ones spaghetti with meat chopped of byc:
- a packet of spaghetti
- 300 gr minced pork
- A big onion
- 150 gr canned mushrooms
- 100 ml sour cream
- salt pepper

If you want your relaxation to reach maximum levels, join your portion of spaghetti with pork a wine as you like!

Pork steak in Viennese sauce

Put a little oil in the oven. We put salt and pepper over the meat and then we fry it, so that it changes its color a little, on both sides. Then we take the meat and keep it. In the same oil, heat the finely chopped onion and the grated carrot.

Mix well and take the pan off the heat, add 1 teaspoon of paprika, stir continuously and put it back on the fire. Quickly add the tomato paste, mix well and then add the meat. Immediately add water and wine (I put 3 glasses of water and 2 glasses of wine, just enough to pass a little over the meat) add the peppercorns, a little salt, a teaspoon of thyme, vegeta and let it boil under the lid, on the right heat for about 40 minutes . (until the meat is cooked).

When the meat is cooked, take it out of the sauce and cut it into thicker slices, then place it in another pan. The sauce is passed through a blender, and then through a sieve. (I put it in a sieve over the meat grill, and with a wooden spoon I kept turning until a paste remained in the sieve).

Pork chop in red wine

If we were to take after writing in the press, on blogs or on social networks, we should not eat meat at all. Beef she has too much cholesterol (sometimes a horse), or we can get rid of her with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (aka “mad cow disease”). Chicken meat it has just as much cholesterol (especially in the skin), contains antibiotics and hormones. Pork: cholesterol, saturated fats (triglycerides), trichinosis, swine fever. Not with fish we don't finish it - see the story about pangasius, which I mentioned here. There are many who say out loud that they only eat food. "naturally“, “bio”, “eco”Or I know how. I ask them to have the necessary patience to read to the end the three articles of Radu Popovici dedicated to this subject. I find them here, here and here.

Why this introduction? Because it's coming "junk food”: A pork chop made slowly in the oven, in red wine. A dish that requires at least five hours, of which two for marinating and another three for baking. It's not hard to make or eat.

What do you need?

  • A whole piece of pork chop with bone, shaped (about 800 g)
  • 1 tablespoon grape seed oil
  • 20 g butter
  • 4 - 6 cloves of garlic
  • 2 carrots
  • 200 mL dry red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, for example)
  • 2-3 sprigs of rosemary
  • 2-3 sage twigs.

For the marinade:

  • ½ teaspoon balsamic vinegar of Modena
  • ½ teaspoon green Tabasco sauce
  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 teaspoons light soy sauce
  • ½ teaspoon crushed green pepper (not ground)
  • ½ teaspoon freshly ground white pepper
  • ½ teaspoon smoked salt
  • 2-3 sprigs of rosemary
  • 2-3 sage twigs.

How do you proceed?

  • Wash the piece of chop well and dry it with absorbent towels
  • Grease the chop on all sides with balsamic vinegar, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce
  • Season the chop with salt and pepper, “stick” the sage and rosemary sprigs on it, then wrap it tightly in cling film (or put it in a resealable bag) and let it cool for at least 2 hours.
  • Peel a squash, grate it and slice it
  • Gently crush the garlic cloves with the side of a knife, without cleaning them
  • Preheat the oven to 180 ˚C
  • Grease a pan with oil and place the chop piece in the pan (after removing it from the food foil, obviously) with the bone underneath
  • Put 2 pieces of butter on the cutlet, add the garlic, rosemary and sage to the pan, then lightly pour the wine over the cutlet (put about 125 mL, the rest you will add later)
  • Cover the contents of the tray with a well-moistened and then squeezed baking paper.
  • Put the tray in the oven for 2 hours - after 1 hour turn the meat with the bone side up and change the baking sheet (or re-moisten the old one, if you are more economical by nature)
  • Add the carrot slices to the pan, top with the wine (which you pour over the meat that you turned down again with the bone down) and bake for another 30 minutes, also with the tray covered with a wet baking sheet.
  • Remove the tray cover and leave it at 180 & # 8211 200 ˚C for another 20 minutes to brown the meat and thicken the sauce.
  • Remove the steak from the pan, place it on a plate and wrap it in aluminum foil, then let it simmer under the foil for 10 minutes, after which the meat can be easily sliced.

It can be served, as long as the meat has been prepared in the oven while you have prepared a mashed potato and a leurd paste with yogurt. How you arrange the plate depends only on your imagination. If you don't have it at hand (on your imagination), you can also use Radu's advice, which you can find here and here. Don't forget the related wine. It's the same Cabernet Sauvignon which you used for cooking. If you put it all on the steak, try one Richamont de Bordeaux from the 2011 harvest, that it was a good year. It does not have to be from ice, 14 - 16˚C is enough for it.

And if you have any meat left, don't bathe it. A slice of cold steak on wholemeal toast is always welcome.

Have fun and see you healthy again!

Pork with lamb in wine sauce at slow cooker

Cut the pork into cubes and cut the lamb into rounds. Remove the thicker pieces of fat.

Fry the pork in hot oil.

If it has not been seasoned before, it can now be seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika.

Fry for 2-3 minutes on each side, until it turns brown.

The lamb is also seasoned.

And fry it next to the pork.

Separately cut the onion, the pepper into large cubes and the potatoes into large slices.

Cut the cut vegetables first on the bottom of the ceramic pot,

then the lightly fried meat and the oil in which it was fried.

Season with oregano, salt and pepper.

Top with enough wine to cover all the ingredients.

Turn on the heating in the slow cooker and keep the heating on high for 6 hours.

What do you think about this recipe? Leave us a comment to tell us how it turned out or if you need additional guidance.

An ideal stewed meat recipe. You will get tender, delicious and extremely fragrant meat.

We present you a classic recipe for stewed meat, which is very juicy, soft and fragrant. My family loves this recipe, so I often make it on weekends. The recipe is very simple, you just have to follow all the preparation steps. The steak is incredibly tasty, tender and appetizing. Enjoy it with stewed vegetables.


-2-3 tablespoons of olive oil

-2 whole onions cleaned and cut in half

-6-8 whole carrots, cut into cubes

-1 glass of red wine (optional)

-2-3 strands of fresh rosemary

-2-3 strands of fresh thyme

-salt and ground black pepper


1. Preheat the oven to 140 degrees. Season the meat with salt and pepper.

2. Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan or saucepan over medium heat. Add the onion and fry.

3. Place the onion on a plate.

4. Put the carrots in the oil pan, brown them for 2 minutes and place them next to the onion.

5. Add more oil to the hot pot, if necessary, and fry the meat for a few minutes on all sides until nicely browned.

6. Remove the meat to a plate.

7. Sprinkle the meat with wine to soak a little. Then put it in the pot and pour the soup so that it is half covered.

8. Add onions, carrots and fresh herbs.

9. Put the pot in the oven and simmer the meat for 3-4 hours. The steak is ready.

How to cook with cream

20% cream 0.5 l
Pork 480 g
black pepper for taste
vegetable oil 30 ml
salt for taste
White wine 0.1 l

What is the time & # 8211 1 hour and 25 minutes.

What is calories & # 8211 192 calories.

  1. Thoroughly wash the pork and cut into 2 cm thick slices.
  2. In a pan, heat the butter well and place the pork.
  3. Fry on both sides until golden.
  4. Pour wine, add salt and black pepper.
  5. Chop until all the alcohol has evaporated.
  6. Then add the cream and bring the sauce to a boil.
  7. Melt for 35-40 minutes until the meat is cooked.
  8. Turn the pork every five minutes to cook evenly.
  9. When the time passes, mix the sauce with a broom to remove the pieces.