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Dissolve the yeast with a little warm milk, add it to the bowl with sifted flour, beaten eggs with a pinch of salt, sugar and flavors. After we have mixed everything, we add a little milk and then we start kneading by adding a little butter. After it has become an elastic dough and no longer sticks to the palms, cover the bowl and keep it warm for 1 hour to rise.

Make the dough a stretched sheet with a twister 2-3 mm thick, grease it with the remaining butter, put walnuts mixed with 2-3 tablespoons of powdered sugar and vanilla sugar on top, press a little with your palms then roll one side to the middle. Bring the opposite side to the middle, tighten well so that it does not fall apart, then with a well-sharpened knife cut the 2-finger wide rounds that we put in a round shape greased with butter, with the cut up. Let it rise, grease with beaten egg and put in the oven on low heat for 40 minutes. After it has browned, take out the tray and with a spoon pour 200 ml of honey sweetened with honey on the whole surface and leave it in the oven for another 10 minutes.

Remove the cake from the pan after it has cooled.

RECIPES. The best traditional Moldovan cake. How much lard and walnuts do you have to put so that it doesn't leave

For traditional Moldovan cozonac, it is recommended to use only mill flour, but there is also a better known brand of flour. Also, as we probably know, the best recipe for cake, donuts, cake is also the one from grandma, it's no secret!

Even Păstorel Teodoreanu, skilled in cozonac, with wonderful recipes, left the following epigram verses:

Pastorel, the cozonaci,
He proposed fifty eggs.
Hence the protests, the calls
Responsible. But does
Didn't you see it was a mistake?
It was… jumari.
A housewife

Ingredients for the traditional Moldovan cake recipe

The preparation time of the cake is two hours, the cooking time is one hour. The total preparation time reaches three hours.


-1 kg of good, dry flour (type 000)
-20 egg yolks from large eggs or more if they are small eggs
-300 g sugar
-100 ml oil
-100 g of greasy butter or 80% fat
-fatty milk, about 200-250 ml depending on how much flour you need
-1 vanilla stick (or other favorite flavors), paste or vanilla extract-I use from
-shell of a freshly grated lemon
-1 teaspoon grated salt
-14 g of dry yeast or 40 g of fresh yeast
-100 g whipped milk, yogurt or fatty kefir
-1 tablespoon lard (optional)
-nut kernels, raisins, cocoa, candied fruit + sugar for filling

How to make the recipe from your ancestors? The secrets of the Moldovan cake

Grandma made the flour and kept it warm, sifted it a few times a day and kept it dry and airy. Cake flour is good when not wet, but dry, for a fluffy cake.

Step by Step: Traditional Moldovan cake

The ingredients of the cake are brought hot, otherwise the miracle cake is cut. Separate the eggs from the evening, mix the yolks elegantly with salt and beat a little with a wooden spoon (NOT metal!) And leave them covered until the next day (or at least 30 minutes if in a hurry).

Sift the flour and in the wooden bowl to the grandmother, in a plastic bowl from Auchan to the city (sic!), Boil 100 ml of milk and scald a tablespoon of flour, pour the milk, mixing with a wooden spoon, to we avoid the lumps, and leave them to cool. Rub the fresh yeast with a teaspoon of sugar until it becomes fluid, like cream, then add 50 ml of lukewarm milk and a little flour, stirring until we have a pancake-like dough. Cover and let rise, but not more than 15 minutes. Put the milk on the fire next to the sugar and the vanilla stick, mix until the sugar is completely melted. It is recommended to use 300 ml of milk and then see if it is needed or not.

If you put dry yeast, it mixes directly with the flour, it does not make a lump. Mix the butter with the tablespoon of lard and melt lightly. Kneading: make a hole in the middle of the flour mound and put the egg yolks with salt, curd, cooled scald, whipped milk, lemon zest and mix, add lukewarm milk a little until you reach the desired consistency.

Careful! The milk should not be warm, but neither should it be hot, because otherwise the yeast is scalded. The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.

Add a little oil and knead from the edge to the middle. When the oil is finished, add the butter with lard, not all at once.

At the grandmother's house, there was a real "contest" of cakes, between the women from the village, who put more yolks, who had a finer, more fragrant cake, who made more cakes. Traditions are still preserved today.

Cozonac & # 8211 rose, with apples

From the series of multicooker dishes, this cake with apple filling was very successful!
I made two such cakes, one I gave to my mother-in-law, and the other was eaten immediately, hot.
It can be baked just as well in the oven.
[ingredients title = & # 8221Ingrediente & # 8221]

  • For the dough (2 cakes)
  • 2 eggs
  • 200 ml of milk
  • 150 gr sugar
  • 100 ml oil
  • grated lemon peel
  • 2 flax lemon essence
  • 20 gr yeast
  • approx. 400 gr flour
  • For the filling:
  • 1 kg of apples
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • 2 tablespoons gray
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon

Portions: 2
Preparation time: less than 90 minutes
[preparation title = & # 8221Preparation & # 8221]

We spread the first part of the dough with the help of the rolling pin, in a sheet the thickness of the little finger.
Spread half of the apple composition over the sheet and roll the sheet.

We cut rolls of about 2 cm that we place in the bowl of the multicooker, previously greased with a little oil.

Put the bowl in the machine and leave it for about 10 minutes to increase its volume, the dough.
Connect the appliance to the power supply and set the BAKE program for 45 minutes at 150 degrees.
15 minutes before the time expired, I turned the cake on the other side for a browning and a uniform baking.

We proceed in the same way with the second cake.
It turned out very good, the dough was a little sweet, and the filling was a little sour.
I didn't manage to portion it nicely, because the appetite was very high and it broke into rolls.

Mirela Vaida shows you how to make Moldovan cake. The recipe that doesn't fail

"It's a recipe my mother used to make when I was at home. That's how I know it from her, that's how I will do it. It is about a Moldovan cake filled with walnuts and shit. It's a pretty complicated recipe. ", said Mirela Vaida before presenting the ingredients and steps to follow for the Moldovan cake.

Ingredients needed for the dough

  • 2 kg of white flour type 000
  • salt
  • sugar
  • yeast (wet or dry), which dissolves in lukewarm milk
  • a little butter and greasy cream
  • a lemon grated
  • species
  • 7-8 eggs
  • warm milk
  • mineral water

Ingredients needed for the filling

  • diced shit, given by powdered sugar
  • 1 kg of walnut kernels
  • sugar
  • cocoa
  • milk
  • essences (rum, lemon and orange)
  • raisins

Reasons why cake dough does not grow

In order to make your cake dough like a book, avoid at all costs the mistakes below, which the famous Gina Bradea, the author of the culinary blog, detailed to us good appetite.

Do not sift enough flour

The flour must be well dried, warm, sifted for 2-3 days in a row and kept warm before kneading. How do we know that the flour is well dried: we squeeze it in our fists and undo it - if it spreads, it means that it is dry, and if it remains lumpy, it is a sign that it must be left in the heat to dry well.

The ingredients are cold

All ingredients used should be at room temperature, not cold, just taken out of the fridge. Even the dough must be warm when we put it in the oven.

You put too much yeast

If you put too much yeast in the dough, the cake will roll and smell sour. Also check the expiration date, don't be surprised that the yeast has expired!

Do not knead the dough enough

The dough for fluffy cake that falls apart in strands should be kneaded three times, with breaks of 30 minutes (the first kneading should last 40-50 minutes, the next 5-10 minutes). This develops the gluten network and reactivates the yeast. The dough should come off the hand, not be sticky.

In addition, repeated kneading helps to heat the dough, which will have the same temperature on all sides. Another secret for fine and elastic dough perfect for cake is this: after each kneading, gently toss the dough in the bowl or on the table 20 times.

The room temperature is too low

Keep in mind that well-kneaded dough should be kept warm. Otherwise, the dough will grow hard, the leavening process can take up to 12 hours.

To grow faster, you can put the bowl of dough in the oven at a temperature of 40 degrees for 15 minutes, then turn off the oven and leave it for another 15 minutes. Another option is to place the bowl of dough on top of a bowl of warm water, but be careful - the bowl of dough should not touch the water!

Do not let the dough rise long enough to rise

The kneaded dough is left to rise, at room temperature (over 22-23 degrees), long enough to increase its volume. The process can take from 2-3 hours to 10-12 hours, depending on how vigorously you knead the dough and the room temperature.

Put too much fat or too much sugar in the dough

If you overdo it with oil, butter (be careful, it must be 82% fat, no less), the lard in the recipe, the dough will not rise and the cake will not be aerated and fluffy. Use exactly as much fat as the recipe says! The same goes for sugar: do not put more than written in the recipe, otherwise the dough will be heavy and will not grow nicely.

Put too much filling in the dough

Even if you are tempted to put a lot of nuts or other fillings (shit, raisins, cranberries, candied fruits, almonds, hazelnuts, poppies, chocolate, etc.), try not to overdo it, because the dough will suffer and instead of getting a swollen and fluffy cake, you will take out of the oven a kind of uncooked cake, with dense dough and not at all pleasant to taste. Keep in mind that the kneaded dough should be left to rise for another 30 minutes in the baking tray at room temperature.

Bake the cake at too high a temperature and too long

The cozonac should be baked at a low to medium temperature, never at a high temperature. The first 10 minutes in the electric oven must be set at 160 degrees, and the next 50 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. In total, the cake should not stay in the oven for more than 60 minutes, otherwise the dough will dry out.

Open the oven door during baking

Avoid opening the oven door during baking, as this will lower the temperature inside, which will affect the texture of the dough.

Moldovan cake


1 kg flour, 12 eggs, 220 gr butter, 320 ml milk, 50 gr quality yeast, 300 gr sugar, vanilla, rum 1/3 glass, 5 gr salt, peel of a lemon, 40 gr oil, raisins and filling of cocoa and walnut (cocoa, sugar, ground walnut, rum essence, raisins)

The flour and eggs are put at least six hours before in the heated work room, and the flour is sifted beforehand. Prepare the mayonnaise from about 2 tablespoons of flour that are put in a bowl and scalded with hot milk and beat until it becomes a soft paste like an ointment. Separately, soften the yeast with a little milk, a teaspoon of sugar, a tablespoon of flour, then mix well, cover with a clean napkin and increase to heat. After the yeast has risen, mix it with the mayonnaise composition kept warm, beat well and put everything back up in a warm place away from cold air currents. Meanwhile, beat all the yolks, with half the amount of sugar and salt. When the mayonnaise has risen, put it in a bowl with the flour and the above composition, pour the yolks, then the melted butter (warm, not hot), the rum, the lemon and orange peel, the warm milk that was boiled with vanilla and the other half. from the amount of sugar. Knead this mixture well for 35-45 minutes without stopping, keep it warm for 2 and even 3 hours. When kneading, grease your hands with oil or butter and continue kneading until the crust forms blisters. The resulting dough should not be hard but rather soft. If it is virtuous, add 2-3 more beaten egg yolks and knead well. Cover this dough with a clean, thick napkin, heat it and let it rise. When the crust has risen well, take pieces one by one, stretch them a little, sprinkle the filling and then roll them, then put them in long and high cake trays, prepared with high paper greased with butter. Grease the cake with egg yolk mixed with oil like a mayonnaise and sprinkle with sugar for appearance. The oven will be heated to a temperature suitable for baking that is tried with cornstarch: a handful of cornstarch is thrown into the oven and if it burns immediately, wait until the discarded cornstarch browns over time. Baking should not take more than 60 minutes. The trays are placed at the lowest level so that the cake grows. A well-kneaded and baked Moldovan cake grows very tall up to 50 cm. and when the long strand breaks, it comes off like a long fiber. The Moldovan cozonac with many eggs is kept soft for a long time, compared to the rest of the cozonacs. How to serve It is served as desired: for breakfast with milk, as a dessert. It is excellently hot, 15-20 minutes after removing from the oven.

Among the alternatives to the recipe Moldovan cake, we recommend:

Cozonac rose

For the holidays, housewives are preparing to amaze their guests with the best and tastiest recipes for food and cakes, not to mention cakes! Here is a special one, in the shape of a rose!

1. Put the flour in a bowl. Melt the butter and leave to cool. Rub the yeast with a teaspoon of sugar and a little milk, sprinkle with flour and put in a warm place to rise. Separate the yolks from the egg whites and rub the yolks with a little salt. When the yeast has risen, pour it over the flour, then add the boiled and cooled milk, the yolks, the vanilla sugar, the lemon peel. Knead for half an hour, during which time, from time to time, add a little butter and a little sugar until you put all the amount indicated in the recipe. Knead well and then add 2 tablespoons of beaten egg white and knead very well, then leave to rise. After it has risen, put flour on the board, put the dough, spread a sheet, grease it with soft but unmelted butter, sprinkle the raisins everywhere. Roll, then cut about 3 cm thick slices.

2. Take a round shape, grease it with butter and arrange the rolls of cake in it, so that the part cut with raisins is upwards.

3. Allow to rise in the pan, in a warm place, then place the pan in the oven over low heat. After baking, take it out of the oven and pour over it the milk sweetened with sugar and put it back in the oven for 10 minutes. When removed from the oven, powder with vanilla sugar.

Cruffin cake preparation:

1. Heat the milk to 38 °. Then add 1 tablespoon of sugar (of the total amount) and yeast. Mix well, cover with a clean towel and keep warm for about 10-15 minutes, until it doubles in volume and forms a fluffy hat on top.

2. In a bowl, mix eggs with sugar and salt + yolks until foamy.

3. In a bowl in which you will knead, sift 70% of the flour and make a nest in the middle. In the nest add the yeast (when ready), beaten eggs, orange juice, honey, vanilla and orange peel and grated lemon. Mix well.

4. Then add the rest of the flour and gradually the melted butter. Framanta.

5. Transfer the dough to the table and knead it for 15 minutes continuously. You will notice that at first the dough will stick very hard to the table and hands, but gradually they will remain clean. Do not add extra flour if you want the Cruffin cake to be soft and fine. An excess of flour will make it thick and heavy.
After 15 minutes, you should have a fluffy and non-sticky dough ball.

6. Transfer the dough to a bowl greased with melted butter. Cover with cling film and place in a warm place. I put the bowl in the microwave (without turning it on of course), and I put a cup of hot water in the oven. That's how I created a "warm closet". For 1 hour, the dough doubled in volume 2-3 times.

7. Prepare the filling. Mix the sugar, butter and flour. Refrigerate until ready to use. Scald the raisins in hot water and let them swell. Then, before preparing, place the raisins on a dry towel, with another towel on top and massage so that the raisins remain dry.

8. Prepare the forms for baking, lining the bottom and walls of the tray with baking paper. If you have poor quality paper, grease it with melted butter. It is ideal to use special trays for cakes, with detachable walls.

9. Divide the leavened dough into 2 equal parts. Form 2 balls without kneading. Two cakes will come out of each ball. Put them on the table and cover them with cling film. Let them rise for about 15 minutes in the heat. In my case, I had only 2 cylindrical shapes for cakes, for this reason I put two halves of rolls in a cake form.

10. Press the flour on the table and strain a ball of dough so as to obtain a rectangle of max 2 mm thickness. Grease the cake with melted butter, then press the sugar filling and press 1/2 of the raisins. Then roll the cake in a tight roll and set it aside, covered with cling film. Do the same with the second ball of dough.

Thin crunchy ball for Cruffin cake

11. Take the first roll and cut it lengthwise with a sharp knife. Then roll the half roll into a rose shape so that the dough sheets are visible. First it forms the "bottom" of the cake, then it runs from the bottom up to the top. You hide the end of the dough inside the cake. Transfer it to the form and leave it to rise for 1 hour, in a warm place. Do this with each roll.

Cut the roll lengthwise with a sharp knife. I asked my mother-in-law to help me take the pictures.

12. Bake in the preheated oven for 200 ° for 5-7 minutes, then lower the temperature to 180 ° for another 35-40 minutes or until it passes the test of a wooden stick (I used a long bamboo stick). If the Cruffin cake has browned too much, and the inside is not ready yet, you can cover it with aluminum foil on top until it cooks perfectly. The stick must come out clean and dry.

13. Hot Cruffin cakes are fluffy and fragile. Place them horizontally on a fluffy towel. Periodically, turn them from side to side so as not to & # 8220place & # 8221 the layers and get an airy cake.

14. When completely cool, decorate the Cruffin cakes with powdered sugar.

Now that I am a mother, I want my children to stay in the soul with the smell of the Easter cake baked at home, and the Cruffin cake will be guilty of an incredible smell of butter and oranges in the whole house. We will hardly resist not tasting Cruffin until Easter.

How does Cruffin cake taste?

1. It is suitable for sweet (Panetonne is much sweeter)
2. It's fluffy, sliced
3. It has the aroma of orange, vanilla and butter
4. It's slightly damp (if you don't overcook it)
5. And fraged

For the Easter meal, I suggest you prepare the Rabbit recipe in white sauce, it's a delicious recipe. Also, check out other meat or fish recipes.

I hope you prepare this Cruffin cake recipe. Tell me your impressions on my Facebook or Instagram page. There, they share different ideas for healthy eating and lifestyle.

Moldovan cake with walnuts

1. Boil the milk and butter. After boiling, leave to cool slightly, then add vanilla finesse, lemon essence and orange finesse.
2. In a bowl, mix the flour with the yeast, then add the sugar, egg yolks, salt and lukewarm milk. Knead until a homogeneous dough is obtained and do not stick to your hands.
3. Grease the dough and bowl with a tablespoon of oil, then keep warm until it doubles in volume.

For the filling

1. In a bowl, mix the ground walnuts, powdered sugar, cocoa, cinnamon sugar.
2. Beat the egg whites until you get a meringue consistency. After beating, add the above mixture and essences, then mix with the spoon from top to bottom.

Filling the sheets

* Grease the board with a little oil.

1. When the dough has doubled in volume, divide into four. Two sheets stretch with dimensions of 30 x 22 cm, and the filling is spread on top. The sheets are rolled to obtain 2 bars. Each filled bar is intertwined with another unfilled bar. The two cakes are placed in trays lined with baking paper.

2. Leave the cozonacs to rise again, about 30 minutes, then grease with beaten egg yolk and milk, bake at 180 ͦC for 50-55 minutes, until nicely browned on the surface .

Electric oven 180 ° C

Groove / Height: at the bottom

Baking time: 50 minutes

Please also take into account the baking conditions of your oven.

You can also add baking paper on top of the cakes to avoid burning on top.

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