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Weekly Recipe Review: Jamie Oliver's Turkey Ham Pie; Holiday Cookies; and More

Weekly Recipe Review: Jamie Oliver's Turkey Ham Pie; Holiday Cookies; and More

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Check out our editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.

LA Times
• Gingerbread gets classy with seasonal gingerbread macarons.

NY Times
• Kid-friendly and easy Christmas pudding, sans rum.

Homemade marshmallows are a fluffy, delightful alternative to store-bought processed puffs.

SF Chronicle
• Pistachio gets a savory treatment in a roasted beet salad with pistachio oil.

Chicago Tribune
• A modern Hanukkah menu includes scallion latkes.

Seattle Times
• It's baking season! These dulce de leche Mexican hot chocolate cookies sound amazing.

Portland Press Herald
• What would Charles Dickens eat on Christmas? His wife's cookbook spills the secrets (and a Twelfth Cakes recipe).

Kitchen Daily
• This shrimp scampi recipe only takes 20 minutes. Weekday dinner, anyone?

Washington Post
• Try this healthy sidedish for Christmas dinner: Parmesan-crusted delicata squash.

Daily Mail
• Start prepping for leftovers: Jamie Oliver spills his "Gobble-Oink Pie" recipe made with turkey and ham.

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