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Pillows with cheese and poppy seeds

Pillows with cheese and poppy seeds

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Let the dough thaw at room temperature.

Roll out a sheet of dough with the rolling pin and cut it in half.

Spread the above composition (sour cream and the two types of cheese), spread evenly, roll and cut into 8 pieces.

Do the same with the other piece of dough.

Wallpaper a tray with baking paper, place the "pillows", grease them with a well-beaten egg and sprinkle poppy seeds on top of them.

Leave at 170 degrees for 15-20 minutes, until nicely browned.

Rustic pie with poppy seeds and cheese

For the dough: I made it in the bread machine, and the ingredients were put in the machine tub in the order written above for the ingredients. The result will be a cake-like dough. Divide the dough in two, roll out a sheet of dough directly on the baking paper, give it a round shape the size of the tray in which the pie will be baked. Let the dough spread for 10 minutes in a warm place.
For the poppy seed filling: grind the poppy seeds in the coffee grinder. I use an old coffee grinder that has no other use than to make powdered sugar. Put the milk, sugar and chopped poppy seeds in a double-bottomed saucepan. Let it simmer for about 5-7 minutes, until the composition thickens. Be careful not to stick to the bottom of the bowl, and if the composition is too thick, add more milk. Separately, beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Incorporate the egg white foam with the boiled and cooled poppy seeds. Pour the composition over the countertop in the tray.

For the cream cheese: put all the ingredients in the bowl of the food processor and let the robot do its job until the ingredients are well mixed and the cheese is well crushed. The result is a fine cream cheese. We put the cheese composition over the poppy composition.

The other half of the dough, we spread it with the rolling pin just like the first one and we put it over the cream cheese. We make sure that the sheet is a little bigger so that we can put the edges a little inside. Grease the pie on top with egg yolk mixed with milk and sprinkle a little raw sugar on top. Put the pie in the oven heated to 150-160 degrees for 50-60 minutes. Let cool, portion and serve. May it be useful to you!

Cake with cheese and poppy seeds and peach jelly

Anisoara67 sent another recipe to our contest "We are waiting for spring with sweets".

2 countertops of each: 5 eggs, 150 g sugar, 100 g flour, vanilla essence, a pinch of salt
cream: 400 g fresh cottage cheese, 50 g vanilla sugar, 300 ml liquid cream (or sour cream), 100 g powdered sugar, 40 g poppy seeds, 150 ml milk sweetened with 2 tablespoons of sugar
decoration: 4-5 peaches, 200 ml water, 200 g sugar, 1 sachet Cake -Gelle

Method of preparation
1. Prepare the tops in turn, each of 5 egg whites mixed at high speed with a pinch of salt and then with the sugar gradually poured. When it hardens and we get a strong meringue, we incorporate the crushed yolks, the essence and finally the flour. Bake the tops in trays lined with baking paper and bake for 20 minutes, at the right heat. Remove from the baking paper with a knife blade and allow to cool well.

2. Mix the whipped cream or sour cream with the vanilla sugar until it hardens, add the cottage cheese, drained well, powdered sugar and poppy seeds, which were previously boiled for a few minutes in sweetened milk and then drained well and left to cool. . Homogenize the cream well.

3. Mount the cake in the tray where I baked the tops, placing the first top, pour cream cheese and poppy seeds on top, come with the second top on top, press lightly by hand and let cool.

4. Wash the peaches and wipe them well and then slice them into thin slices. Separately boil the water with the sugar then add the slices and let them simmer for 10 minutes. Strain the resulting syrup and let the slices cool on a plate then decorate the cake with them. In the stopped syrup, add the envelope of Cake-Gelle then bring it to a boil on the stove.
Turn off the heat, let the syrup calm down for a minute and then pour over the fruit with a larger spoon, from the center to the edge of the cake. Let it cool for at least another hour and then portion it with a knife with a very sharp blade.
Good appetite!

My cakes

I took the recipe from Laura Laurentiu, with small changes that I will note below. It is a refreshing cake being sour, only good for hot summer days.

Ingredients for a 26X20 tray:

Top: 4 egg whites
5 lg sugar
50 g melted butter (I didn't use it)
4 lg ground mac
1 pinch of salt
100 g flour

Cream: 4 yolks
200 ml of milk
2 lg starch
peel of 1 lemon
6 lg sugar
200 ml fresh
1 lg vanilla essence
1 sachet of granulated gelatin (I did not use)

Lemon curd: 2 whole eggs
3 lemons (I used 2)
6 lg sugar
50 g butter

Glaze: 150 g beak
50 ml milk

Decor: pieces of candied lemon peel or strawberries or whatever you want

For the countertop:
Tray that I used 27X23. Beat the egg whites with salt, then add the sugar, then add the poppy seeds, flour and melted butter. Mix from the bottom up with a spatula. I mention the fact that I doubled the quantities on the counter and I baked 2 countertops in a row, I didn't use butter, and I put 1 lg-tza of baking powder.

As I mentioned that I doubled the quantities on the counter, I was left with 8 yolks that I used for the cream. The yolks with sugar and starch are rubbed, dissolved with milk, put on low heat and boiled until thick. Set aside and add the vanilla essence and lemon peel. In the hot cream, add the well drained cheese and mix. Allow to cool. Whip the whipped cream and mix with the chilled cream cheese.

Lemon curd:
The two eggs together with the starch, sugar, juice and peel of the 3 lemons (I only used 2 and it was enough for my taste) are beaten and put on the fire until it thickens, set aside and add the butter, stirring. until it cools.

Icing: the chocolate melts on steam with the milk

The cake is assembled as follows: put a countertop then half of the cream cheese and put it in the freezer for a few minutes to harden the cream, then spread it over the lemon curd cream, put it back in the freezer for a few minutes then spread the other half of the cream which we cover with the other countertop. Refrigerate the cake for an hour, then cut into squares, then glaze each piece with melted chocolate with a spoon.

Why French cheese should be refrigerated

Cheese is generally not a hard sell. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Sure, we’ll choose a small round of artisanal goat cheese or a imported brie feather for a party, but when it comes to weekly fritters and grilled cheese, we all have our preferences.

Here is one that is perhaps new to you: Comté cheese. This creamy, nut-flavored cheese definitely deserves a place in your fridge. Here's why!

Comté is an excellent cheese, whether we are talking about an afternoon snack with biscuits or as part of a plate full of cheese for parties. It has this black, earthy flavor and creamy texture that I really love - it's one of those cheeses that I always come back for more.

But I also discovered that Comté is a great cheese for cooking. Those same walnut flavors work well in a bowl of poppy seeds and cheese, sprinkled over vegetables or folded into a plate of eggs. It is a fairly firm cheese, so it can be sliced, diced or browned as needed.

I will also give bonus points to Comté because they are long lasting - a feature that always gets bonus points in my kitchen. If you buy a wedge for a party and forget about the pieces left in your fridge for a week or three, it will be fine - which, in fact, is how Comté handled its way out of the “special occasions” category and into rotation. my usual cheese with.

Comté cheese has a PDO name - protected designation of origin - from the European Union. This means that for Comté cheese to really be Comté cheese, it can only be made in a certain area and following a certain rather strict procedure. The name of that area is Jura, it is in the eastern part of France and the same happens they have a special alpine and sub-alpine climate that is perfect for raising dairy cows and making cheese.

How Comté cheese is made is actually interesting. There are three separate groups involved in the process: dairy farmers, cheese-makers and cheese-growers. Each group takes care of their stage in the process independently, but also all work in close cooperation and collaboration. It is a system of checks and balances that has evolved over the centuries of cheese making, all to the benefit of cheese.

Comté is a raw milk cheese made from the milk of cows fed on pasture, and the milk for each round of cheese can only come from a few kilometers from the cheese producer. This means that each round of cheese has a very distinct appearance terroir - that stamp of flavors and aromas that marks it as coming from a very particular place. Moreover, the milk is delivered daily to the cheese maker and must be used immediately, so that the cheeses also receive a seasonal stamp. Comté in summer and Comté in winter, Comté in the mountains and Comté in the plains - each will be different and no two panels will be the same.

The large 80 kg Comté wheels must also age for at least 4 months, but are often aged longer. As they age, the flavors intensify and the texture of the cheese becomes firmer. You may notice small crispy crystals in very old Comtés - a sign of maturity and distinction!

Comté is not as common or widely available as cheeses like Parmesan or Gruyère, but get there! You can find it now at Whole Foods, Wegman, Costco, many Trader Joe's and the best stocked cheese counters. If you don't see it, ask for it!

Because each commune's wedge is slightly different, be sure to try the county before you buy it, especially if you choose between different wheels. Summer County will have a golden hue, with a richer and more earthy aroma. Winter Comté has a milky and more delicate color. Young and old cheeses are very good for both cheese plates and cooking, but you may find that you prefer one over the other. (It's a little trickier to find out where the cheese, the plains, or the mountains were made, but ask the cheesemonger - if I know, I can explain the differences in flavor.)

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to the Jura region of France and actually see how they are made huge wheels of Comté cheese, from the dairy farm to the cheese maker to the caves aged (pictured) by above!). It was a fascinating and delicious trip!

The next few days I will share photos and stories from my cheese adventures. If this introduction to Comté cheese has aroused your interest, come back and listen to the whole story.

Twenty-one years ago, in a conference room far, far, far away - well, in San Francisco - Robin Davis sat down with the team at Book Chronicles to brainstorm what would become The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookie Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes. The biggest challenge of this mission? Writing a cookbook in six weeks, without a single mistake, would satisfy even the most ardent Star Wars fans and be a test of time.

There was a time in high school, when every time I ate a bowl of ice cream, my family would crack a little. When I tried to become really muscular, like a lot of tough guys, I read in a fitness magazine that a perfect post combination workout was a protein shake, accompanied by a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream, a drop of olive oil and a dash of sea salt. The mixture should make you eat less ice cream, while still getting a lot of protein after training.

If you think bananas are good just for slicing over some cereal or you've added a smoothie for a thickener, then you're wrong, friends. So very wrong. Bananas are made for dessert, as in pudding and cream pies! As if to prove this point further, I just heard about the Blue Java banana, which is this beautiful-looking banana that grows especially in Asia, Australia and Hawaii.

Easter is one of those occasions that requires a decadent meal. Devilish creamy eggs. Sweet and salty baked ham. And for dessert, a carrot cake suitable for spring. Easter, at best, should take into account food, not stress. But I know from experience that vacations like this happen very rarely.

The burrito blankets are the same as last week - as literally, it's only been two weeks since I told you about how you can wrap yourself in a huge burrito blanket and cram yourself in like rice and beans. But this week, there is a new way to caress yourself: people report that there is now a pillow of bread. You can find rooted baguette-shaped carbs on the Amazon naturally, and they come in a variety of sizes for all your heads on bread needs.

If you're like me, the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is make a giant cup of coffee. Personally, I have what is my first cup (among many) to a science. Here's my order: I first put a tablespoon of sugar in the cup, after baking my soil with a pinch of salt, of course (thanks Alton). Then I poured some of that blessed beer and steamed it into the cup almost to the top, leaving room for the last part: the cream.

Dear Marge, my friends and family think I'm a control person because I don't want them in my kitchen when I work. He even teases me and completely ignores the fact that I don't want everyone to stand in my little kitchen while I try to get food out for dinner. I find it very fun and I have to focus on what needs to be done to get everything pleasantly nice and on the table, while it is still hot.

Dear readers, you may not realize it, but Apartment Therapy Media is a kind of weird and weird corner of the internet. We started going back to the good old days of blogging, when you could just scroll through your thoughts, ideas, and create a page, throw in a bad photo or two, and then open this pretty empty box at the bottom called Comments to see what people will say return. Over the years, as we added more writers with more perspectives, more readers came for the trip.

Yesterday, Christina Tosi posted a letter to her Milk Bar employees, explaining the decision to change the name of their plate from "Crack Pie" to "Milk Bar Pie". decision that came a long time for supporters of inclusion and caring in the food writing community, and one that seemed scary, but ultimately one that matters.

With the growing popularity of grain-free diets such as the keto diet, the Paleo diet and the Bulletproof diet, bread is becoming more and more an enemy of people's daily menus. I can't relate exactly (I bought three loaves of bread from Trader Joe last week), but sometimes I understand the urge to reduce the amount of sugar or carbohydrates in your diet that some breads have a lot of.

Like many things for 30 years, I have gathered my fair share of memories about brothers, cousins ​​and best friends who exchange vows with their best friends. I sometimes remember, through tears, the love and commitment that two people shared that day. Strangely, I don't remember any situation in the mostly American tradition of the two new husbands feeding on each other. (This is probably because I usually ask someone what the flavor of the cake is and if I'm allowed to open my Tupperware right now.

The arrival of spring always brings an influx of eggs. Eggs are an essential part of the Easter meal - often cooked for Ashkenazi meals or served sliced ​​(or baked) at Sephardic ones. And at Easter, in addition to the popular painted eggs for egg hunting, a recent McCormick & Company-sponsored survey found that 61 percent of people serve their devilish eggs for the holiday meal.

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from bloggers we love. Watch each week as we post our favorites. The first time I saw the phrase "hot pepper chicken", I assumed it was a wrong impression. Surely someone wanted to write "pizza", I thought. But there is no mistake. Chicken with pepper is not a pizza it is just a way to describe a chicken breast covered with pizza toppings.

Amy Poehler's character, Parlie & Rec, Leslie Knope, is the best friend in the world, so it almost makes sense that Poehler's directorial debut would be about friendship. Of course, it's also about a girl's journey, a lot of wine and some good food scenes. Okay, that's at least judging by the trailer, which came out yesterday to tease us.

5. Other symptoms

While the primary symptoms of lactose intolerance are gastrointestinal, some case studies have reported other symptoms, such as (source 1, source 2, source 3):

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of concentration
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Canker sores
  • Problems urinating
  • Eczema

However, these symptoms have not been established with certainty as belonging to lactose intolerance, which may have other causes (source 1, source 2).

In addition, some people with a milk allergy may mistakenly attribute their symptoms to lactose intolerance.

Up to 5% of people on earth are allergic to cow's milk, which is more common in children (source).

Milk allergy and lactose intolerance are not linked. However, they frequently occur together, which can make it more difficult to identify the causes of symptoms (source).

Symptoms of a milk allergy include (Reliable source):

  • Rash and eczema
  • Vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain
  • Asthma
  • Anaphylaxis

Unlike lactose intolerance, milk allergy can be life-threatening, so it is important to get an accurate diagnosis of symptoms, especially for children.

Cognac pillows

It is a simple dessert to prepare, but a bit difficult to digest. Fried dough is never a good idea for your figure. Or for health. But it's tasty! These brandy pillows are very similar to donuts, but the dough is actually tender, with butter and other fats. As I said, the heat bomb ... a very tasty bomb! And without further ado & # 8230


  • 400 g flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • a pinch of salt
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 75 g butter
  • 3 tablespoons sour cream
  • 4 tablespoons brandy (can be replaced with rum or Calvados)
  • a teaspoon of grated lemon peel
  • fried fat
  • powdered sugar for garnish

Prepare a tender dough: mix the flour with the baking powder and salt and sift. Mix the sugar, add the eggs, sour cream, brandy and lemon peel. Knead and shape into a ball. Don't worry about not kneading it too hard, it has baking powder so it won't harden. Refrigerate for 40 minutes.

Spread the dough 1 cm thick, on a surface lined with flour. Cut the dough with a knife or a dough wheel, into squares with a side of 4 cm. Heat the fat and fry the pillows one by one, turning them until golden. Remove the pillows on the napkins to absorb excess fat. If served immediately, sprinkle with powdered sugar first. If not, allow it to cool first and powder before eating. Good appetite!

In a bowl mix the flour with the sugar, salt, lemon peel, make a hole in the middle, add beaten eggs, egg yolks, butter at room temperature, yeast dissolved in a little milk and start kneading gradually adding warm milk until a non-sticky dough.

In a saucepan add the milk, sugar, cinnamon and when it starts to boil add the poppy seeds and let it cool, stirring occasionally. When it has cooled, add the jam and mix well. Cheese filling: in a bowl add all the ingredients and mix well, put in the fridge until we use it.

Mix the flour with the sugar and then add the butter and mix. Roll out the dough into a roll and cut into equal pieces. Each piece is stretched, add 1 tablespoon of cheese filling, 1 tablespoon of poppy seeds on top, place the edges over the filling.

Place in a tray lined with baking paper and grease them with beaten egg, top with a teaspoon of jam, sprinkle the crumbs on top and put in the preheated oven for about 30 minutes until nicely browned.

Salted with sesame and mac & # 8211 simple recipe for stars with cheese in dough

Salted with sesame and mac & # 8211 simple recipe for stars with cheese in dough. Salty and fragrant salads with cheese, sour cream, butter and lard and decorated with sesame or poppy seeds. They look puffy even though they are not made of puff pastry. They can be cut into different shapes, depending on the event.

I also said in previous articles that not a weekend goes by without preparing home-made salads. For the holidays, I prepare my dough 2-3 days before and keep it in the fridge. We really like the cakes with cow cheese (sweet cheese) because they do not require yeast or any complicated folding process and yet they come out very well raised and puffed.

The basic recipe for this dough is from Oana's great-grandmother and you can find it here. In this case, I added a little sour cream and increased the amount of flour a bit.

This is due to the yeasts in the cheese that help the dough to grow. It is not about any kind of cheese (not urda or ricotta, not telemea) but sour cheese that has ferments and that helps the dough to grow. It's cow's cheese for cheese pancakes and can be made at home & # 8211 see the recipe here.

Only with the help of cheese, the salt dough kept cold for 2-3 days will ferment so that the saltines will grow when baked from 0.5 cm to 2-3 cm high! There is no need for yeast, as I said at the beginning. In addition, the recipe is very practical because we can make double or triple portions of dough to keep cold and bake 1-2 trays of salt every day. This way we will always have fresh and crispy salt & # 8211, especially on consecutive holidays when our guests keep coming.

From the quantities below it results approx. 3 large salted trays with sesame and poppy seeds or asterisks.

Chia seeds, 100 g, Herbavit

Chia seeds (Salvia Hispanica) are one of the richest vegetable sources of Omega3 essential fatty acids. It is an excellent source of fiber, they are rich in calcium, vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants. Chia seeds have a neutral taste and natural smell.

You can consume 1-2 tablespoons daily in different forms. They can be eaten raw, ground or germinated, or they can be added in: cereals, yogurt, salads, soups, rice, sauces, in various shakes.

Poppy muffins stuffed with cheese

They are special, atypical, delicious muffins. at first glance, once you have made them, you will want them again, because their taste and flavor are special & # 8230unmistakable & # 8230

A combination that will upset your senses all & # 8230. I don & # 39; t know what you think, but they won me over. Because I promised you the recipe some time ago, I think I should tell you now:


For muffin dough:

  • 2 eggs
  • 125 gr powdered sugar
  • 120 ml of milk
  • 180 gr poppy seeds
  • 220 gr flour
  • 125 gr melted butter
  • peel from 1 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar


  • 250 g of natural cream cheese
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon finely chopped orange peel
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar

Method of preparation


& # 8211 In a bowl, mix the eggs with the cream, sugar and vanilla sugar. Add the milk, poppy seeds and lemon peel and mix well.

Sift the flour and add the baking powder and salt.

& # 8211 Over the mixture with egg and poppy seeds add the flour, mix, and at the end add the melted and cooled butter, mixing until the composition becomes homogeneous.

& # 8211 With a pos, or a teaspoon, fill three-quarters of the muffin cups pre-coated with special baking paper for the muffins.


& # 8211 In a blender or mixer, mix all the indicated ingredients, resulting in a thicker homogeneous cream for filling.

& # 8211 Fill a pos or bag, cut the tip of it, with cream cheese and insert it into each muffin in the middle of the poppy paste, push the tip of the pos until it reaches the bottom of the tray and press on the bag so that the cream spread the cheese evenly in the muffin and fill it and occupy the entire cup of the tray.

& # 8211 Preheat the oven to 180 ° C and when the oven is hot, add the muffins, which last for about 30 minutes, until they swell and brown slightly.

& # 8211 When ripe, the muffins are removed from the oven and allowed to cool in molds. It is observed that they will have some cavities / gaps, where the cheese filling is.

& # 8211 When they have cooled a little, fill the cavities with your favorite jam and decorate with orange slices (or other fruits, as desired).

About 18 muffins come out of this recipe.

For the filling it is good to use a very greasy and creamy cottage cheese.

I tried several varieties of jam and fruit, but I go best with apricot and orange jam.

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