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Ice cream with strawberry gel

Ice cream with strawberry gel

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it makes you cool, not a joke, it's creamy, crazy

  • 250 g mascarpone
  • 100 ml liquid cream
  • 500 ml of milk
  • 200 sugar
  • 500 g of strawberry gel or maybe strawberry jam

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Strawberry ice cream:

Mix the mascarpone with the whipped cream until it becomes frothy then add the strawberry gel (it's a German gel but very good, and I think it works just as well with a thicker strawberry jam) then add the milk and sugar and mix well .

It will result in a fine cream ..... super good that is put in the ice cream machine for 15 minutes, then put in the box and kept in the freezer

I didn't have time to put it in the freezer, it went quickly

Each according to his preferences in the cornet, on the plate, ... whims

Strawberry ice cream served with strawberry jelly

I said I would take full advantage of the strawberries that invaded the market and I prepared a delicious mega strawberry ice cream served with strawberry jelly.

I'm a big fan of chocolate ice cream, is by far my favorite, but I never refuse a fruit ice cream, especially home-made.

It really turned out good, not very sweet, and served with strawberry jelly to which I added a little mint, it was sensational.

And he was a great, great help to me, my boyfriend Advanced professional blender G21 Perfect Smoothie Vitality. A treasure in the kitchen!

Read about it with a click on the link above, and if you want to buy one, I recommend Una Doua online store.

Find more on the blog ice cream recipes, they are all delicious!

Ice cream

Ice cream is the Italian word that defines a fairly large variety of ice cream made from a white base (milk + sweet cream / cream + sugar) or a yellow base (milk + cream + sugar + egg yolk). The role of fat and sugar is to function as anti-freeze factors, ie to prevent the formation of ice crystals on the one hand and to give creaminess on the other hand. Yolk is a very good emulsifier and also a stabilizer (prevents the water in the composition - milk, cream, fruits have water in the composition - to thaw quickly) very good.

Also for stabilization and thickening, gums and starch are used, mixed in various proportions. Gums (guar, xanthan, etc.) have nothing to do with rubber (the Romanian language is not the best friend in this case) nor are they as dangerous as some would like us to believe, in fact, they are really natural and have interesting applications in health and nutrition. And yes, there are E's. We don't know much about E's in general either, which is why everything is bad, they all kill us and at the end of the seas live dragons (I don't want you to understand from here that I suddenly turned around and I would stuff you all with Countless e-mails and from any, but I would like you to understand that if you read about things, you can find out surprising issues and eliminate unnecessary stress in many areas of life).

This week you will receive from me several gelato recipes, in a series sponsored by Nemox, my partner in terms of homemade ice cream (and not only) and my supplier of technology for preparing ice cream.

It's already the second year of our partnership, we learned a lot about ice cream and each other, we also learned about the machines that help us get ice cream, including at home, we gathered a collection of recipes that can be used even without a machine (of course, better results and obtained more easily come from using the machine, but I have nothing to comment on if you love the goal and manual work).

Enough introduction, I said, I'd better give you the recipe for the yellow base, the one with the yolk. I give you the quantities for a kilogram and a half of yellow base from which you can make at least 5 different assortments of ice cream. You can do them all on the same day, just keep them in the freezer. If you do not have time, it is good to know that the base, once pasteurized, withstands 3-4 degrees for 72 hours. So the ingredients: 1l whole milk, 100 ml liquid cream (sweet cream), 150 g yolk, 300 g sugar. The good part is that if the sugar seems too much, you can give up 50 grams, putting in place the same amount of yolk. However, you can only replace the entire amount of sugar with dextrose, sucrose, fructose, invert sugar or honey (I do not have the equivalent amounts, either wait until I find them by experimenting, or you experiment). The gums are optional, I don't even mention them here, I just wanted to tell you that they are widely used, including in many of the artisanal ice creams.

Mix all ingredients with a blender until smooth / until the sugar dissolves. Put the mixture in a pot or a metal bowl that you place with the bottom in a pot of hot water, which in turn placed on low heat. Always stir in the bowl for 20-22 minutes. Do not let the water in the pot boil, lift the bowl from it when it starts to do this and put some cold water in the pot. If you have a thermometer, take the temperature of the composition. When it reaches 72-74 degrees Celsius, place the bottom bowl in a bowl of water and plenty of ice. Thermal shock is important to achieve proper pasteurization. From now on you are safe and you have the perfect base for a lot of ice cream varieties. If you leave the base cold overnight it will be even better, it needs a maturation time and, in addition, your ice cream will be ready much faster if you start from a base cooled to 3-4 degrees Celsius .

Tomorrow I come with the first gelato recipe made from this pasteurized yellow base. I just want you to tell me if I start with amaretti ice cream or chocolate ice cream :). Stay healthy.